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Reconqueror: Tommy Lee Sparta Presents an Impressive Return to the Dancehall's Elite

After being released from prison, the deejay electrifies staging events, influences the new school artistes, and re-establishes his position among the dancehall's elite

Sparta, a significant comeback (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Dancehall heavyweight, Tommy Lee Sparta, has made a triumphant return to the dancehall scene, following his release earlier this year after nearly three years in prison.

Though he celebrated his 36th birthday, Tommy Lee Sparta is far from a newcomer in the industry, boasting over a decade of experience that has propelled him to the pinnacle of success. His musical style influenced many of the New School artistes, particularly rising sensations like RajahWild and Kraff.

His slightly satanic persona has been a defining feature of his character and has been instrumental in shaping his journey from the days of the Gaza Empire with Vybz Kartel. Hits like 'Psycho' and 'Soul Reaper' continue to energize dancefloors, but he has expanded his musical arsenal with recent hits that have garnered millions of views on YouTube, such as 'Blessings' (with an impressive of total 66 million views), 'Rich Badness,' and especially 'Under Vibes' (which boasts 18 million views for its official music video).

Tommy Lee Sparta's undeniable vibes have connected him with younger artists. He collaborated with the rising star Skeng for the massive hit 'Protocol,' amassing 64 million views on YouTube. He also worked with Valiant on the vibe-filled 'Guzu Bunx' and has songs with Kraff, with an upcoming one featuring Rajawild. Additionally, he joined forces with top producer Rvssian for the captivating trio collaboration with Valiant, 'Tic Tac Toe.'

electrifies main staging events (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Amidst his surging popularity, often referred to as Guzu, he delivered captivating performances at Sumfest 2023, where he headlined, and also left an indelible mark on audiences at the Best Weekend Ever and Chris Brown's highly anticipated concert in Jamaica.

Now in Europe for the first time in several years, Tommy Lee Sparta is determined to reclaim his top position in the dancehall hierarchy.


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