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  • Akeeile Harris

September Ends: Valiant, Skeng, Skillibeng, Tommy Lee & 6 More singles

The weekly roundup boasts a massive amount of dazzling collaborations, with Popcaan, Jahmiel and more delivering their own releases

September is actually over and in its last days, we received massive collaborations. Valiant and Skeng, Najeeriii and Skillibeng and also Bayka who joined Pablo YG. All this and more in the weekly roundup.

Valiant, Skeng – 'Loyal Gyal' Two of the most dominant dancehall new-era artistes have released their highly anticipated collab while emphasizing their demands from their loyal girls by using sexual terms to redefine their explicit fantasies and expectations in the track. The single, which was released with a sex-dripping video, makes the feeling tangible.

Skillibeng, Najeeriii – 'War Boat' The much anticipated single brings two of the most intriguing artistes in the dancehall industry. Known for their unique rap fusion flow, the deejays are trading verses and lit up the block. while the St. Thomas-born deejay doesn't need many words to capture the fans, the young rising talent Najeeriii showcases the distinctly different style that brought him to fame.

Tommy Lee Sparta – 'Touch The Road'

Tommy Lee Sparta has definitely touched the road and hasn't been disappointing since then. When he links with Damage Music, it's a recipe for success from the Montego Bay streets. With its catchy flow backed by precise rhyme and endless vibes, this is an instant hit.

Popcaan – 'Nyqui' Popcaaan cleverly addresses female songstress Denyque after the insult with her watermelon T-shirt and claps back in a single, while using metaphors to portray freaky women who celebrate their sex experiences in an uncontrollable way.

Jahmiel – Triumph' "Poverty nuh last forever, change my life like the weather." Jahmiel amazes with deep lyrics, and a powerful and deep message as usual with another masterpiece, accompanied by an authentic visual that gives a sense of realism all the way to the triumph.

Chronic Law – 'High' You can always expect a solid song from Law Boss. Knowing for his undeniable lyrics prowess, he goes into high meds with powerful melodies. Fada Dark, as he is popularly known for, delivers another single masterpiece.

Bayka, Pablo YG – 'War Start' Two rising talents, Pablo YG & Bayka, unleashed a fire in a new music video for the single which was included on the debut project of the Northcoast talent 'Bad Juvi' Mix. The militancy message combines Pablo's smooth flow with Batka's strong voice and creates a menacing atmosphere.

Jahshii – 'Missed Calls' The 'Cream Of The Crop' deejay released the second single from his upcoming project 'Missed Calls', which that produced by Phoenix. 'Them treat me like mi nuh have feelings', he sings in the first part of the single while he once again demonstrates his wonderful melodic ability.

Rajahwild – 'Inna Mi Cup' RajaWild knows that consistency is the key and released a music video for his single on the '1 Rifle Riddim' project produced by CJ the chemist. The Deejay takes the ladies into his sinful party.


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