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Skillibeng, Najeeriii dropped Their Much-Anticipated Collab 'War Boat'

The dancehall star and the rising sensation team up for a futuristic collab, trading verses perfectly on this potential instant hit

Skillibeng, joined forces with the new dancehall sensation (Photo: Ace Pxl)

The much-anticipated collaboration 'War Boat' by dancehall star Skillibeng and rising sensation Najera has finally been released.

Both artistes who are known for their rap fusion flow are trading verses perfectly, while the St. Thomas native deejay, doesn't need many words to capture the audience, while the young talent of Najeeriii demonstrates his different unique style.

The single which was released on Friday, September 29, is definitely 'Hot Up the Block' as Skillibang sings in the first chorus and targets the dancefloors and radio airwaves with this futuristic collab, which already landed at the trending chart on YouTube Jamaica.

The song, which is accompanied by diverse visuals from a multitude of locations features several renowned people including the legendary selector Sky Juice Of Metro Media, and producer Dane Ray among others.

This is another evidence of Najeeriii's breakout year which boasted some viral singles such as 'Paddle Boat', 'Panton' and more.

The 18-years-old deejay was recently even praised by the legendary Bounty Killer who initially claimed that he did not understand this new generation's lyrics, however, after the dancehall newcomer clarified his lyrics, Bounty Killer actually embraced him by showing support on several posts. So we could expect a massive collaboration between the new and the old generations?


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