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  • Akeeile Harris

Rockit's Beats For 'Lumbah' & 'Carry On' Dominate The Charts

Valiant and Rajawild's singles claim the top spots on Apple Music's Top 25 chart in Kingston, while also dominating the trending chart on YouTube. These hits were crafted by the budding producer

Kimval 'Yo Rockit' Foster, tops the charts (Photo: Wane Fearon)

The gifted budding producer and composer, 'Yo Rockit', continues to elevate his stature in the music industry, with his latest beats climbing to the pinnacle of the Jamaican trending charts.

His recent productions dominate the top two spots on Apple Music's Kingston Top 25 chart. Valiant's 'Lumbah' and Rajawild's 'Carry On' secure the first and second positions respectively.

Rockit collaborated with DJ Mac and Diplomats Records on 'Lumbah' by the fast-rising dancehall star Valiant. The single has already amassed one million YouTube streams within two weeks and currently holds the 9 sport on the YouTube Trending Chart.

For the emerging sensation Rajahwild, this isn't his inaugural time clinching the top spot on YouTube Trending in Jamaica. However, he has once more attained this pinnacle with his latest single 'Carry On'. Produced by Unapologetic Music and 'Now Or Never', featuring the beat crafted by Rockit, the track currently reigns at #1 on YouTube Trends Jamaica, amassing over 700k views in just nine days.

These singles, composed by Rockit (Born Kimval Nashan Foster), add to his impressive portfolio, which includes projects like DJ Mac's 'Heaven Sent Riddim' and numerous collaborations with burgeoning dancehall talents.

Despite his relatively short career, the young producer is experiencing a surge in recognition due to the diversity he brings to the music scene.


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