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  • Akeeile Harris

Unapologetic Muziq and YC Studios Infuse 'Hot This Year' Riddim Into Exclusive Dancehall Project

The rising dancehall producers are incorporating a sample of the iconic 90s beat into a project, set to feature RajahWild, Najeeriii, Iwaata and more

L-R: RajahWild, Najeeriii

They oversee the careers of two emerging sensations in today's vibrant dancehall scene, RajahWild and Najeeriii. Now, the rising producers from Unapologetic Muziq and YC Studios have joined hands to craft an exclusive juggling project, adding a noteworthy entry to their expanding catalog. This project features collaborations with some of the prominent figures in the dancehall genre.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless 'Hot This Year Riddim' of 1991, produced by Tan-Yah Production and associated with the iconic dancehall artist Dirtsman, they've incorporated their own unique twists. This effort has already garnered attention from leading dancehall artists. "We want 10 artists on this project," said Corey Wallace of Unapologetic Muziq. "Among them also Shaniel Muir and Govana who have shown a keen interest in the beats."

Expected songs to this upcoming project include RajahWild and Najeeriii themselves, with the addition of IWaata, bringing a fresh perspective to the current dancehall landscape.

Unapologetic Muziq, helmed by Corey Wallace, has been instrumental in managing the breakthrough talent RajahWild, who achieved significant success in 2023 with millions of views and streams. The label has been behind hit singles like 'Powder,' 'Hate Yo,' 'Polkadot,' and more. Simultaneously, YC Studios, managing the rising sensation Najeeriii, has played a pivotal role in the success of singles such as 'Sintrap,' 'Panton,' and others.


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