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  • Akeeile Harris

Rising Dancehall Artist Sgee Vehnom Unveils Debut EP 'Love Cycle'

The budding artist joins forces with Dovey Magnum and up-and-coming talent Markieno to heighten excitement for his fresh project

Sgee Vehnom maintaining the momentum

Emerging dancehall artist Sgee Vehnom keeps his winning streak alive by dropping his debut 5-track EP, 'Love Cycle', timed perfectly for Valentine's Day.

Under the auspices of his manager's label, Sinkuz Entertainment, Sgee Vehnom unleashes a dynamic blend of tracks, featuring a collaboration with the young talent Markieno on the compelling tune 'Her'. This partnership promises an electrifying synergy that will captivate audiences.

The EP's landscape is further enriched by a collaboration with dancehall diva Dovey Magnum on the sultry single 'Night Nurse', alongside three additional fresh tracks.

In a recent interview with Kaboom Magazine, Sgee Vehnom, born Chrishaun Gordon, revealed his sources of inspiration, citing contemporary artists like Bayka, Pablo YG, and Kraff. "Artists like Bayka, Pablo YG, and Kraff really fuel my drive," he remarked. "Music serves as a vessel for momentum; consistency is key. Without giving it your all consistently, you risk starting from scratch repeatedly, struggling to gain traction," he added.

Dropped his "Love Cycle" project on Valentine's Day

The release of 'Love Cycle' is poised to cement the reputation of this 18-year-old talent in the dancehall realm.


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