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Without filters: Dovey Magnum released her new 7-tracks EP

Updated: May 6, 2023

The dancehall female artiste has dropped her 7-tracks project titled "No Filter". A mixture of sexy melodies and more. "Just want to feel love", she said

Dovey Magnum comes without "No Filter" (Rickala Mcneil)

Jamaican female dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum has just released her latest project, a 7-track EP entitled, "No Filter", courtesy of Royalty Entertainment, and each production is accompanied by visuals.

The EP displayed the raunchy lyricism that might define her as the "Flith-Queen" of dancehall most of the time. the EP also includes her single "Not Too Late" which grab some attention in the airwaves since it was released in January.

Dovey Magnum's ability to combine her sexy melodies with a blend of RNB and dancehall is also well expressed in infectious sex-sell songs such as "Wet", "Wakanda", and "Red Whine and Whiskey" which are also included in the EP. "I just want the people to enjoy. it's my first body of work. with the whole heap of obstacles mi a go through, mi just want to feel love", she said to Kaboom Magazine.

The Spanish Town native artiste who admitted that the dancehall she knew contained sex-filled messages and this is what influenced her musical style, has also her latest single titled "Zelle" just near the EP released. the single was also produced by Ocho Rios-Based Label, Royalty Entertainment.

Dovey Magnum (born Simsky Kimberly Harrison) rose to prominence with her biggest hit so far, "Bawl Out" which became a global dancehall hit and established her name in the industry. Since then she has increased her fan base by thousands of fans as they are most popularly called the "Bawl Out Nation".


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