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Riding the successful riddim: Skeng and Kraff have joined the 'Big Bunx' collection

Skeng and Kraff released their singles on the trendy riddim, Chronic Law showcases his artistry while Denyque makes her sultry comeback. The outstanding songs of the week

L-R: Chronic Law, Kraff, Skeng & Alkaline on the weekly list (Rickayla Mcneil, Tejano Taylor)

After a long time, the dancehall received a juggling that is control the game, and also two of the rising talents in the industry, SKeng and Kraff did not miss an opportunity to release their own pieces. Chronic Law delivers brilliantly while Alkaline also came with a smart tune.

Skeng – 'Sha La La La'

We can say juggling its finally coming back in dancehall. Skeng also appears on the sultry summer riddim, Big Bunx and he does not disappoint. The familiar flow, creativity and sending seductive lyrics aimed at the ladies. The message is clear, it's a Sunday morning wake-up call single.

Kraff - Rum Behavior

The Big Bunx compilation does not miss any attractive name in the dancehall industry. Kraff also can't go wrong with the masterful beat and brings his infectious flow wrapped in a dripping sensual music video. did we mention another banger for this collection?

Chronic Law – 'Gun Pon Belly'

Badness isn't a joke thing and when you are searching for the perfect dark melodies there is no one better than the Law Boss. Chronic Law rolls out with a gun pon belly to deliver menacing message words. Gunman is not a game.

Alkaline – 'Nah Laugh'

Alkaline performs with the single he released 3 months ago and wrapped it with a video that highlights his unique creativity, incredible lyrical prowess, and deep understanding of music composition. The Man Himself starring in his own way. Brilliantly done.

Dexta Daps – 'Missing Piece'

After branding himself with the tag of the ladies' favorite for several years, Dexta Daps once again showcases his militant song abilities and proves that he knows how to strike when needed. his hard-hitting lyrics match well with the strapping beat by Chemist Records.

Intence – ‘Palm Angle’

Intence once again smartly understands the industry as he made adjustments to the current popular beats with a new single. His familiar flow matches with the beat while delivering a humorous message. The single is already made the YouTube trending charts in Jamaica.

Chi Ching Ching Ft. Daniiboo – 'U Wann Touch'

Chi Ching Ching is back at it again this time teaming up with one of dancehall's revered, female dancers turn artiste Daniiboo for this sneaky link anthem 'U Wann Touch'. both came with a funny message that when a woman is fed up, she is fed up.

Chronic Law – 'Thug Life'

When it comes to the songwriting ability, the St. Thomas multi hitmaker machine takes it to a next level of artistry. Even the line: "Dem say love but mi know weh it mean dawg, it nuh mean loyal nor clean heart, but we are street smart, we leave when we see it fast, never see a cliff and feel like leap off". This is deep lyrics in motion.

Denyque – 'Between Me And You'

Denyque may have been missing from the music scene for almost a year since her last release, but she’s back with a new banger as if she never left. “Between Me And You” is a sultry fusion of a classic R&B vibe and Denyque’s unique vocal abilities tied together with a hint of Jamaican Dancehall sounds into the beat. Her first-ever single under her new label, Denym Entertainment.


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