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Byron Messia, Kraff & Skeng to join the 'Big Bunx' compilation

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Three current hot prospects in the dancehall space are set to join the trendy riddim that targets the summer’s dance floors. More details here

One of the current hot & trendy riddims right now the Big Bunx is expected to add a major 3 additions that will complete a successful debut project for the label 'Now Or Never', which is co-produced it with Zimi Records.

While the fast-rising dancehall artiste, Kraff previews his upcoming single titled 'Rum Behaviour', which features on the riddim while the Kittian dancehall sensation, Byron Messia, also hinted on his IG story that he has something to drop on the mesmerizing beat with a soon-to-be-release single as well. dancehall's current frontrunner, Skeng is also being included in the project, while is single also get played in the official riddim launch last Thursday at the new event Pop Up Thursdays.

"We have couple more songs fi big bunx fi drop. So far we have officially a dozen songs with 3 more to be completed from three top artistes", revealed the top video director/producer Ruppi in a recent conversation with Kaboom Mag. "Couple other people on it with the likes of Pretty Pretty, Deno Crazy and more", he added, while sources tell Kaboom Magazine that singles from rising artiste, Topmann and Mobay-native, Jamal are also included in the project.

With recently added 'Mad Out' by dancehall leading force, Valiant, officially released with a music video on Monday, Big Bunx features almost all the hottest acts in the local scene. Valiant's single was already placed at #2 on YouTube's trending chart in Jamaica after racking up 450,000 views on the same platform within less than 24 hours.

'Now Or Never' Crew alongside Valiant, Zimi Nick & the composer Franc White (Tejano Taylor)

Including bangers such as 'Wild Out' by Rajahwild, 'Paddle Boat' by Najeeriii, 'Backshot' by Roze Don and singles by IWaata, Konshens, Big Bunx compilation is catching the airwaves, and already captivated the local dance floors.


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