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Denyque is set to release 'Between Me and You' single

The dancehall songstress will be releasing the first single from her upcoming EP on Friday: "It's the time for me to do music that I love"

Denyque, set to release music after such a longtime

Dancehall singer Denyque will drop a new single titled, 'Between Me and You', scheduled for Friday, August 4, Via Levels to Life Productions & her own label, Denym Ent.

The song, which combines a Dancehall beat with R&B influences, guides her secret lover to keep their relationship between the sheets a secret.

The single will be her first drop for 2023. "The last project I did was 'Knees' (featuring Rytikal), and I'm very happy. it was time and it's the time for me to do music that I love, that speaks to my soul", she shared with Kaboom Magazine. "There is a lot of passion and a lot of love in this project. I'm really excited about it", she added.

'Between Me and You' is the first single from her upcoming EP that set to drop early next year. In a post on her Instagram account, she wrote excitedly: "They say if you don’t post it, it doesn’t happen; but we know better".

The 'Supergirl' singer, is known for her singles such as "Make Me Believe You" which garnered 3.6 million views on Youtube, 'Proud Wifey', 'Champion', 'Watch Him Tone' and her hit single 'Same Guy' featuring Shaneil Muir from 2020. her latest single 'Knees' with dancehall artiste, Rytikal which was produced by Good Good Productions, has amassed 1.5 million views on YouTube.

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