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Projexx teams up with British rapper Giggs and Marksman for "Top Speed"

Jamaican genre-blending dancehall sensation and grandson of the legendary King Jammy's dropped an explosive summer banger

Projexx and Giggs joined forces for Infectious Energy (Pop Photography)

Jamaican genre-blending dancehall sensation Projexx is back with a bang as he releases his latest single "Top Speed" featuring British rapper Giggs and rising artiste, Marksman. The highly anticipated track, a perfect banger for the summer, has already made its debut on Seani B's show on BBC1XTRA.

"Top Speed" showcases Projexx's unparalleled talent and delivers the infectious energy he is known for. With his sleek and dancefloor-ready sound, Projexx effortlessly handles the chorus, delivering it with a delightfully sly delivery while expressing the particular likes and dislikes of his love interest. British rapper Giggs adds his signature firebrand energy to the track, electrifying it with clever bars and playful one-liners. The emerging star from Jamaica, Marksman, brings his unique style to wrap up the song, completing the powerful collaboration.

The accompanying music video, directed by Jamaica native 300K, presents a cinematic experience that showcases Projexx and his crew flaunting their fast cars and beautiful women in a style reminiscent of a major motion picture. The visually stunning video sets the stage for a breakthrough year for Projexx, as he prepares to release more exciting music in the near future.

"I wanted to produce something different and unusual, so I was in the studio experimenting with Nate and Tyree when they came up with the beat. I was freestyling until I found the first line 'Bimma inna top speed.' I hit up Marksman on IG and told him he’d be dope on the song, so I flew to Jamaica to shoot the video with him, and that’s when Giggs sent his verse and the rest is history," Projexx shares about the track.

"Top Speed" follows Projexx's monumental success in 2021 and 2022, where he released his last project, 'Queen Hill'. The EP garnered significant attention with standout tracks such as "Sidepiece," showcasing Projexx's ability to blend genres seamlessly. His previous hit, "Bigga League," a boundary-smashing collaboration with Bakersteez, documented his rise to prominence as the music video captured his takeover of Jamaica's National Stadium.

With the release of "Top Speed," Projexx sets the stage for his most promising year yet. Stay tuned for more exciting music and announcements from Projexx in 2023.

had the ones to learn from (Pop Photography)

Projexx is known for 'Bigga League' (ft Bakersteez), 'Sidepiece', 'Feel Right' and many more. He is also known for his genre-defying sounds, especially on features with acclaimed artists and producers like Wizkid and Juls.

Projexx’s journey started at the age of 12 years old when he began to experiment with songwriting and production in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. The son of producer Lloyd "John John" James and grandson of legendary dancehall producer Lloyd "King Jammy"; he learned the fundamentals of music by sitting in and observing their studio sessions where he would use his feverous curiosity and acute observation skills to absorb as much knowledge as possible – which he would soon apply to his own work. with self-described as “a melting pot of musical genres” – he draws inspiration not from just one source but the combination of many while his influences span from Drake to Dennis Brown and everything in between


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