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Producer for ‘Purple Brand’ Speaks On Intence’s Unique Creative Process and Dedication to His Craft

The dancehall artist unveiled a fresh single, and we delved into the distinctive production process alongside Zachary Isaacs, one of the executive producers

Intence, known for his stylish tracks (Photo: Ablo Savant)

Dancehall artist, Intence, renowned for his stylish tracks, once again showcases his prowess with the recent release of the captivating single 'Purple Brand.'

This track, produced by Dynasty Global and Speck Records, boasts executive producers Kyle Butler, Zachary Isaacs, and Dishawn Spargg, continuing the artist's trend of delivering fashion-themed tracks such as 'Clutcha,' 'Makanaki,' and ‘Freshh.'

Venturing into the production process, Intence revealed his impressive freestyling skills. Zachary Isaacs, one of the executive producers, shared insights into the unique creative process during a studio session with Kaboom Magazine. "Yeng’s creative process is like none that I have seen. The studio session started with us playing a few beats for him, and he eventually picked the one that he liked the most. He recorded a full song on the beat in little to no time, which had Kyle and me looking at each other, thinking 'That was quick,'" Zachary Isaacs explained to Kaboom Magazine. "All of a sudden, Yeng told the engineer to load up a new session, and then he recorded a whole new song on the same beat. At this point, I’m confused, but I’m just trusting the process. This happened four more times, and by the end of the night, we had five complete songs—all on the same beat," he added.

The creative journey didn't conclude there for Yeng Boss (Intence). Following a five-hour studio session, he eventually settled on one of the five songs. However, the story took an unexpected turn when the next day, Yeng sent a text containing the audio file of a freshly-recorded song from that very morning. "The next day, we get a text from Yeng; it was the audio file for a freshly-recorded song that he had recorded that morning. That song was what turned out to be 'Purple Brand'," Isaacs further added.

Released on Friday, December 7th, the single is accompanied by a visually stunning video directed by the accomplished Shane Creative. Already gaining traction on YouTube in Jamaica, 'Purple Brand' showcases Intence's ability to captivate audiences with both his musical and visual artistry.

Intence during the video shoot (Photo: Zachary Isaacs)

In the meantime, users on TikTok are already participating in a new “Purple Jeans Challenge” showcasing their clothing from the designer brand inspired by the release of the song.


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