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Nicki Minaj, Skillibeng, Valiant, and More: The Weekly Report

The all-Caribbean collaboration made waves as Jahshii and Skippa joined forces, with "Dutty Money" grabbing headlines during another musical week

L-R: Rajahwild, Valiant, Skillibeng, Skeng

Nicki Minaj's highly anticipated album made headlines, alongside Valiant's new EP and Rvssian's latest Riddim. It's been another musical week brimming with vibes, and here are the singles that caught our ear

Nicki Minaj feat. Skillibeng & Skeng – 'Forward From Trini'

In a dynamic Caribbean collaboration, two emerging dancehall stars, Skillibeng and Skeng, unite on Nicki Minaj's album, seamlessly intertwining their flows with that of the American rapper. The infectious beat, reminiscent of their previous hit with Skeng, 'Likkle Miss,' poses a significant threat to dominate dancefloors as a colossal hit.

Intence – 'Purple Brand'

Intence, celebrated for his chic musical creations, once more exhibits his lyrical mastery and seamless flow in his latest drop, the single 'Purple Brand.' Armed with remarkable freestyling abilities, he effortlessly weaves fashion-inspired tunes that captivate listeners.

Squash – 'RRR'

Squash returns with his latest single, flaunting his luxurious lifestyle. The song seamlessly merges his unique style with lyrics that exude prosperity and triumph, serving as a bold and confident response to any doubters.

Rajahwild – 'Go Go'

Rajahwild adds a unique touch to Rvssian's ambitious project. His lyrics exude sensuality, specifically catering to women. With his rising talent, Rajahwild fearlessly celebrates the female form and expresses his personal preferences.

Valiant - 'Polygamy'

Valiant unveils a 6-song mix exuding a sensual message crafted exclusively for the ladies. The lead single, 'Polygamy,' delves into the expectations of the opposite sex. This project, bestowed as a gift to the female audience, made its debut alongside a captivating and sensual music video.

Skippa, Jahshii – 'Calling App'

Diving into the world of deception, up-and-coming artist Skipppa, alongside Jahshiii, collaborates on a Fast Money-centered project. The duo encapsulates the essence of the single through a meticulously crafted video, effectively conveying the message.

Malie Donn – 'California'

Showcasing his distinctive style and globe-trotting adventures, Malie Donn persists in his journey of personal and artistic growth with the release of a new single. This track not only shines a spotlight on his recent achievements but also serves as a sharp retort to those who dared to criticize him. With a unique flow that reflects his evolving artistry, Malie Donn's latest single stands as a powerful statement of success, delivering a sting to those who once disparaged him.

Najeeriii – 'Phat Phat'

Renowned super producer Rvssian takes center stage with a captivating sample for the well-received 'Go Go Club,' and the first artist to seize the opportunity is the emerging sensation Najeeriii. In his latest release, "Phat Phat," he skillfully showcases his distinctive flow, delivering magnetic lyrics that seamlessly blend with the authentic beat, evoking long-forgotten memories.

Roze Don - 'Sloppy Toppy 360'

Roze Don takes an explicit turn with his latest release, "Sloppy Toppy 360," delivering raw and catchy lyrics coupled with a smooth delivery over the beat. The track, designed for the ladies, explores the sensual side of his artistry with an X-rated flair.


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