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Dutty Money Riddim Dominates Trending Charts; Vybz Kartel, Chronic Law & Pablo YG to join the Wave?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Rvssian's recent project is creating a buzz online, with three songs currently securing positions in the top 10 on YouTube's trending chart. The anticipation is growing, and Stalk Ashley might seize the opportunity to join the ride

Pablo YG, Chronic Law, about to ride the wave (Photo: Tejano Taylor, Rickayla McNeil)

The year is drawing to a close, and the dancehall scene is experiencing a significant surge, thanks to the innovative touch of super producer Rvssian and his latest creation, the 'Dutty Money Riddim.'

Starting with Najeeriii's 'Phat Phat' and 'Muss Shot' featuring Malie and The 9ine, followed by Rajahwild's 'Go Go,' the momentum is rapidly growing. Other dancehall artists are quick to recognize the trend and eagerly want to be part of it. The songs released last week have already secured positions in the top 10 of Jamaica's YouTube trending chart, with Najeeriii at 4th place, Rajahwild at 7th, and the collaboration between Malie and The 9ine at 9th—a testament to the undeniable impact of this new project.

Dancehall heavyweight Vybz Kartel recognized by the sonic tag 'Yo Rvssian' that has been a constant presence in Rvssian's productions over the years, has teased a snippet of his upcoming single on the airwaves. This has generated a significant amount of excitement, especially considering his prominence in the original 'Go Go Club' track.

Joining the excitement are fellow dancehall artists like Chronic Law and Pablo YG, who eagerly embrace the surging popularity of a beat incorporating a sample from the 2010's 'Go Go Club Riddim.' Stalk Ashley has further fueled anticipation by dropping hints about her involvement in the project through a suggestive question in one of her story publications. The excitement within the dancehall community is on the rise as these influential artists openly express their interest in the unfolding musical landscape.

Furthermore, artists like Teejay are dropping hints that they too will join the trend, recognizing the momentary success Rashan has achieved with the 'Dutty Money Riddim.'


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