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Masicka, Skeng, Squash and More: The Leading Songs of the Week

Masicka is the 'Most Wanted', Skeng and Squash are in a lyrical beef, while Valiant, Sean Paul, and more making waves

L-R: Skeng, Squash, Masicka, Sean Paul

Masicka refines his craft while others engage in lyrical battles or seduction. A recap of the week in Jamaican Music.

Masicka – 'Most Wanted' Masicka has unveiled a masterful video for his captivating single "Most Wanted," catering to the ladies, featured on his latest album, "Generation of Kings." The creative visuals seamlessly complement the powerful beat, promising to elevate the single to the top of the dance floors.

Skeng – '24'

Skeng is the latest addition to the popular Chakka riddim, featuring cutting-edge verses directed at the 6ix family, igniting what appears to be a fresh lyrical feud. The flow and delivery propel the Ratty Gang Boss to soaring heights on the charts.

Squash – 'Money Boy'

Squash delivers a melodic and enthralling single, addressing his enemies and skeptics. Embedded within the 6ix family, Squash showcases remarkable versatility at its pinnacle.

Valiant – 'Lumbah'

aliant introduces a fresh fusion of dancehall vibes with a hint of Latin influence. Elegant lyrics radiate a unique flair, all captured within captivating visuals.

Sean Paul – 'No Evil'

Sean Paul infuses the reggae rhythm with uplifting energy in "No Evil." This song explores the trials, tribulations, and unwavering resolve to persevere. Allow the music to navigate you through life's highs and lows, while Sean Paul emphasizes that amidst challenges, our spirit remains unbreakable by any form of evil.

Rygin King – 'Push Up'

Rygin King makes a fierce and uncompromising comeback with his latest single. With a commanding flow, he unleashes words that feel like bullets aimed directly at his enemies.

Eddy G Bomba – 'Bitcoin Wallet'

Eddy G Bomba showcases his rising talent with a viral single that boasts a catchy flow and rap style. With impressive lyrical prowess on display, this catchy song has the potential to become a hit.


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