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Laa Lee, Naira Marley, and DopeNation Team Up for new single titled 'Wata'

Dancehall artiste, Laa Lee link up with Nigerian afro superstar and Ghanian dou DopeNation to release the first single from his upcoming debut album

LaaLee, an historic music al link up (Rickayla Mcneil)

The symbiotic relationship between music from Nigeria, Jamaica and Ghana has produced an array of beautiful musical flavor for the global market for years. This trifecta of nations has collectively produced and inspired the production of musical stylings that have gone in to aid in defining whole genres of music.

Today, Jamaican artist Laa Lee, Nigerian Afrobeat Superstar Naira Marley, and Ghanaian super duo DopeNation to release their new single, 'Wata', The track is a collaboration of three of the most exciting artists from three of the most vibrant music scenes in the world. the single is set to release on Friday, August 25.

For the first time in decades of musical synergy, Jamaica, Nigeria and Ghana have collided on a stellar new single titled courtesy of Jamaican artist Laa Lee, Nigerian afrobeat sensation Naira Marley and the superstar Ghanaian duo DopeNation.

'Wata' is the first single from LaaLee’s upcoming album, which is set to be released later this year, it is a high-energy dancehall track with a catchy hook and a fun message. The song celebrates the cultural connection between Jamaica, Nigeria, and Ghana, and it is sure to be a hit with fans of all three genres.

Laa Lee is a rising star in the Jamaican dancehall scene. He has been praised for his unique sound and his ability to blend dancehall with other genres, such as reggae and hip hop. Naira Marley is one of the biggest stars in Afrobeats. He is known for his catchy songs and his rebellious attitude. DopeNation is a Ghanaian duo that has been making waves in the Afrobeats scene. They are known for their unique sound and their energetic live performances.

Laa Lee, set to release his debut album later this year (Jamar Cleary)

“I was happy to jump on the song because I love dancehall music. I’m all about unity and this is a big Jamaica-Nigeria link up”, shared Naira Marley.

DopeNation concurs, “The idea of fusion amongst Jamaica/Ghana and Nigeria is what gave us the drive. This goes a long way to breaking a lingual barrier musically.”

“It’s like the perfect storm to have Jamaica, Nigeria and Ghana link up on an amapiano riddim produced in Jamaica,” said Laa Lee. “When I linked Naira and DopeNation they responded immediately and were like let's go. The energy was crazy vibes and culturally we are one people.”, the deejay added.

Laa Lee (Born Romario Ricketts) has recently released his new commercial with the drink brand Pepsi. he is also the brand ambassador of Magnum Tonic Wine.


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