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Watch: LaaLee delivers the Jamaican ‘Flava’ with Pepsi

An exclusive glimpse; the Behind-the-scenes of dancehall artiste, Laalee's new Pepsi Jamaica commercial

Dancehall artiste LaaLee is appearing in a new commercial for the drink brand Pepsi Jamaica brand under the theme of "We got that, Flava!".

Gifted with his dancing and rhythmic skills, LaaLee demonstrates his lyrical prowess in the music video which illustrated a bar party with Pepsi as the refreshment with the Jamaican flavor.

LaaLee is a brand ambassador for the Jamaican side of the global drink brand, He is also Magnum's brand ambassador.

Behind-the-scenes of Laalee's new Pepsi commercial (Jamar Cleary)

Watch some behind the scene shoots exclusively from the Pepsi commercial by Jamar Cleary of ClearEditz & Kaboom Magazine.


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