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Kraff Teases Upcoming EP Singles; Prepares for Debut Performance in Guyana

The dancehall sensation is hinting at additional tracks from his upcoming project and is all set for his debut performance in the South American country, scheduled for November 25th

Kraff, Progressing towards his next project (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

As his track 'Rum Behavior' enjoys remarkable popularity, igniting a TikTok dance challenge featuring acclaimed dancer Rebel and rapper Stefflon Don, the rising dancehall sensation Kraff is steadily advancing toward the release of his second project, titled '11/11'.

Kraff has been hinting at tracks from this upcoming project, notably "Call Me," produced by his personal D/renowned producer Jiggy D. Furthermore, he's teased tunes like "Solitude" and "Louie V Prada," indicating the participation of emerging producers in the project. This project remains largely under wraps, with all its songs yet to be unveiled.

A year ago, this emerging talent from Northcoast celebrated the launch of his debut 6-track project, "11:11," with a star-studded event in Kingston. The project featured notable songs such as "Thief" featuring Valiant, "Big Crook," and "Lights Out."

Kraff's singles, particularly 'Rum Behavior' with 5.2 million views on YouTube, and 'Calm C' with 12 million views on the same platform, have propelled him to greater heights. On November 25, he's set to perform for the first time in Guyana at a concert organized by the renowned local sound-recording label, Slingerz Family, which has established itself in the northern region of the South American continent, hosting several leading dancehall artistes.

On the brink of his Guyana debut (Photo: Ace PXL)

It's worth noting that Kraff previously collaborated with Slingerz on another viral single called 'Immortal,' which was released earlier this year and garnered 3.4 million YouTube views.

With his unique blend of dancehall's New School vibes and a distinct trap influence, Kraff, born Tevin Randall, burst onto the scene with hits like 'Dinero' and 'OG Bobby Johnson' and shows no signs of slowing down.


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