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Jahshii turns dreams into reality, expands catalog while overseas

Despite his recent troubles with the law, the dancehall artiste is expanding his catalog with three more singles over the weekend. More details here

Jahshii, recharging his batteries

Despite his recent troubles with the law, dancehall artiste, Jahshii has re-channeled all his energy to music and has released three new singles over the weekend.

Jahshii just added 'Dream for Reality' to his expanding catalog, a single produced by his ‘Fuss Nation Entertainment’, with the music video being shot overseas by top video director, Shane Creative.

The artiste whose real name is Mluleki Tafari Clarke delivers a deep melodic message that depicts his focus on success, despite all the difficulties around and seeks separation from the troubles, on his way to achieving his dreams.

The rising Jamaican deejay-songwriter also released a single titled 'Protection' featuring ‘producer Ajal’, where he reflects on his life experiences while acknowledging that the Creator has a higher purpose for him.

Jahshii's melodies also continues in 'Missed Calls' via Spaj Phoenix Records, where he points a finger at all those interested in his life while he focuses on his progress.

In the meantime, the rising artiste who is undoubtedly experiencing a challenging year in his career and is trying to create a kind of stability, was recently spotted performing alongside dancehall artist Demarco in Canada over the weekend, when some viral clips from the show appeared on social media platforms.

Jahshii, expanding his catalog (Tejano Taylor)

After his recent troubles, Jahshii was allegedly exiled to foreign soil after being quarreled with Grants Pen top-ranking natives, according to rumors culminating when the artiste and his entourage members were shot at, while leaving a night club in New Kingston, with 6 injured in the melee.


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