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Jahshii reflects on his life experiences in a new single 'Protection' featuring Frassman Brilliant

The dancehall artiste focuses on redemption in his latest single produced by the producer Ajal: "I look to god for guidance and protection"

Jahshii, Leave the recent troubles and focus on the music (Jamar Cleary)

Despite his recent troubles, dancehall artiste Jahshii has decided to dust himself off and focus on redemption.

On his latest released single titled 'Protection' featuring Frassman Brilliant, which is produced by Producer Ajal, the embattled deejay reflects on his life experiences while acknowledging that the Creator has a higher purpose for him.

"I've been down this road before, but Jah protect me," sings Jahshii in the song which also tackles fake friends, bad mind, and betrayal.

"Despite what I have been through in my life and the unfortunate situations that have occurred, I know that there is a true God and I look to him for guidance and protection," said the 23-Years-Old Deejay.

Frassman Brilliant says the song is relatable as he has been through some of what Jahshii has experienced. "The inspiration behind the song is just the things that Jahshii is actually going through right now and I've been down that road before, so it was coming from life experience," added Frassman Brilliant

Protection is the latest single from Producer Ajal, who recently teamed up with Demarco on the song 'Charge Fi Yuh' and with Teejay on 'Faith'.

Jahshii, r reflects on his life experiences on a new release (Tejano Taylor)

"It was a pleasure working with both artists on this track. They’re both talented and have had similar life experiences which allows them to speak from the heart and add pure emotions to the track. I am confident that this song will motivate the world to overcome and persevere”, said Producer Ajal.


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