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Jada Kingdom collabs with Scrptiid & US-based producer Astyle Alive for chart-topping single

The Jamaican female dancehall star, Jada Kingdom teams up with Scrptiid and US-based producer Astyle Alive for a single titled. 'On My Way'

Jada Kingdom, Jamaican female dancehall star

Jada Kingdom and Scrptiid collabs with US-based producer Astyle Alive for chart-topping single 'On My Way'.

'On My Way' features a diverse fusion of the Dancehall & Afrobeat genres and has topped the iTunes Worldwide Chart since its February 25th, 2023 release date.

Produced by the Grammy-nominated & Billboard charting Astyle Alive, the song is a high-energy, dance floor banger that is sure to get feet moving and hips swaying. It’s performed by the talented Jada Kingdom, whose dynamic vocals are perfectly matched with Scrptiid’s solid melodies to spice up the track's pulsating beat. The song is a celebration of life, love, and music, and it embodies the spirit of the infused genres, which are known for their infectious energy and joyful vibes.'

This new release is a testament to the talent and creativity of the producers, artistes and musicians behind the dancehall and afro Caribbean scene, who continue to push the boundaries of modern music.

Astyle Alive is based in New York and is the CEO of Alive Enterprise/Future Us Music Group; a production and marketing company that not only focuses on the production side but also scouting new talents for future endeavors.

Scrptiid, a diverse fusion of Dancehall & Afrobeat


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