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Interview: 'Soup The Don' On Working With Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor And The World's Elite

The Dancer talks about working with some of the biggest stars in the game, performing in Jamaica, where he hopes to go next and named his top 5 performers

A journey of self-fulfillment for Soup The Don (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Anthony Campbell, better known as Soup The Don, is a Jamaican-origin dancer (His Father was born and raised in Spanish town) who gained stardom after starting to perform alongside some of the biggest acts in the musical world, including the R&B Phenomenon, Chris Brown, The American singer/dancer Teyana Taylor and more.

Soup The Don has been very involved in the hip-hop and R&B dance scene for the past few years and although he is still passionate about dancing, he also knows how to look for the future by setting goals on the road to self-fulfillment.

Life and work come together as the US-based dancer recently performed in his home country at the 'Chris Brown & Friends' concert in Kingston, Jamaica. In a conversation with Kaboom Magazine, Campbell talks about working alongside the elite stars, performing in Jamaica and his career. "I've been dancing professionally for about 6-7 years now. I started my career after I graduated high school in the dance battle scene", he described.

"I believe that everyone on that stage are stars in their own right" (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Since his high school days, he has been able to develop and build up his professional career, especially as one who works closely with Chris Brown. "My connection with Chris Brown’s Dance crew was set by the choreographer, Josh Smith, who was scouting me and watching for me a while before, giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills and talent. Since then, he has been my mentor, teaching me about the industry, choreography, etc", he shared.

This routine of working alongside Breezy, of course, requires a lot from him. "Dancing is for sure an integral part of the performance and very demanding. Requires a lot of endurance, stamina, power and execution. You have to have spatial awareness and Still have you’re own character and identity. I believe that everyone on that stage are stars in their own right and every individual carries that energy, so I think that makes our performances that much more intense and interesting", Soup zealously explained.

"You have to have spatial awareness and Still have you’re own character and identity"

"But there isn’t really much of a special ritual. I stretch, warm up my body and before I hit the stage I pray and give my nervousness, and negative thoughts to GOD and allow him to take the lead", he revealed some info about his preparations before taking on the stage.

Working closely with Chris Brown's busy schedule does not deter him. "There isn’t too much of an effect besides that it keeps me a working man. I always love staying busy and doing something with my time besides lounging around so I enjoy how much we’ve been working", Campbell kindly clarified.

Soup The Don with Chris Brown

A remarkable moment for him was when he shared the stage with American Singer/dancer star, Teyana Taylor first for a Red Bull event and then again during Art Basel weekend in Miami, Florida. "It was an amazing experience. She was very family-oriented and really looked out for her dancers. One of my favorite artists to work with so far", he echoed.

Back to 2021, he was one of the favorite dancers to hit the stage at Red Bull’s ‘Dance Your Style’ Competition which was held in Washington DC. "It was definitely a change of pace and really gave a great idea of how dancers should be treated in general", Campbell expressed.

Chris Brown In Jamaica (Photo: Ace PXl)

Working with Chris Brown has allowed you to travel the world as a dancer, and recently he took part in Breezy's highly anticipated concert in his home country. "Performing in Jamaica was very special for me. It took some time afterwards to really find the words to articulate my feelings", the renowned dancer shared. "Dancing is not your typical career choice so to be able to do something that I'm passionate and love while representing Jamaica in Jamaica was a full-circle moment for me. I was humbled, grateful and yearning to be even better", Campbell excitedly shared.

Thinking about his future, he certainly feels a kind of self-fulfillment in this dancing journey. "There are so many things I feel within this Journey and Self-fulfillment is for certain one of them. I learn so much about different cultures, people, languages, life and even about myself. There are always new discoveries and self-disclosures. I’m happy I followed my heart and chased after this passion of mine", he happily said. "For anyone who would like to pursue this passion, I would tell them to study. There is homework and research. No one is necessarily going to spoon-feed you so you have to be hungry enough to do your own homework to get the knowledge you seek. Stay consistent, find your niche and push through the blood, sweat and tears", Soup The Don gives insights for young dancers.

working with some of the biggest stars in the musical world (Photo; Jamar Cleary)

So where he hope to go next? "Beyond dance, I seek to enter into acting, creative directing and directing. I want to begin making documentaries on this lifestyle and journey so that others can get a better idea of what it actually takes to be in this position and for there to be better awareness and respect on creatives, specifically professional dancers", he humbly explained.

Maybe it's extremely tricky to choose, but Soup The Don named his top performers. "If I had to choose 5 performers would be Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor, Davido, Burna Boy (Speaking this into existence) and Missy Elliot", he shared in the end.


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