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Byron Messia & Burna Boy ‘Talibans II’ conquers the charts in Africa

The colossal hit and remix versions dominate the trending lists on streaming platforms in African countries, the Caribbean and also the United Kingdom. More details here

Byron Messia & Burna Boy, hit big on the trending charts (Prod by Nick)

The rising dancehall star, Byron Messia continues to hit big on the trending singles charts on various platforms with his smash hit single 'Talibans' which is now boosted by the 'Talibans II' featuring the African giant, Burna Boy.

While ‘Talibans’ has been sitting at the top of the YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify charts and more for several weeks, the powerful collaboration has now also further impacted the global market when the remix broke into the trending charts in half of the African countries. The ‘Talibans II’ landed at #4 on Apple Music's trending chart in Sierra Leone, and #5 in Ghana while placed high in countries such as Kenya (#12), Nigeria (#13), Gambia (#16), Liberia (#19), Uganda (#21), Zimbabwe (#21), Cameroon (#29), among others countries. In the top 100 charts, it is also included in countries like Senegal, Benin, Cape Verde, Congo, and Mali and also in South Africa, it’s in the top 200 on Apple Music trending.

‘Talibans’ is also very popular in the UK market, with the original single being in the top 100 for an extended time and currently placed at #45, while the remix version remains steady at #27. Both the single and remix are extremely popular throughout the Caribbean countries with top spots in countries such as Belize, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.

The colossal hit is also trending on Spotify, with the original version now at #79 on the trending chart, with the remix placed at #96. In the meantime, in Nigeria, the connection with Burna Boy obviously bore fruit and pushed the remix version to the 15th spot on Spotify's trending list.

The St. Kitts, Jamaican-born dancehall sensation, Byron Messia is having his breakout year thanks to the smash hit that has currently amassed 38 million views on YouTube to date, and over 17 million streams on Spotify; with the major collaboration already surpassing 2.7 million views on YouTube.

Byron Messia is indeed capitalizing on the major success of 'Talibans', while having several more singles in his arsenal to be released very soon. A single on the trendy 'Big Bunx Riddim’ is about to be released along with several unreleased singles with heavyweight producer, Rvssian and also a song titled 'Ms. Grippy' with the Guyaneese record label, Slingerz Records.

Burna Boy in Jamaica for the video shoot (Prod By Nick)


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