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BZR Weekend promoters aspire to make weekend annual: "We want to bring int'l acts every year"

After their impressive debut weekend, the promoters of BZR Weekend are thinking ahead, with the crowd asking for Nicki Minaj. Another look at an iconic night

Chris Brown, an unforgettable experience for Jamaica (Ace Pxl)

A moment for Jamaica’s culture, the BZR Weekend was an unforgettable experience for Jamaica. A culmination of pure enjoyment, patrons were left in awe after experiencing the legendary “Under the Influence Tour”, featuring the King of R&B Chris Brown along with the perfect ensemble of old-school dancehall embracing the future faces of the culture.

With the event title of 'Chris Brown and Friends', we couldn't have imagined how many artistes would share the stage throughout the entire night. dancehall newcomers such as Bayka, Najeeriii, Armanii, and Jquan got their chance at a mainstream event while others with the likes Tommy Lee Sparta, Kemar Highcon, Moyann, Byron Messia and Valiant who were welcomed on stage by 'Breezy' himself, gave their repertoire of hits the stage.

Fast-rising Njaeeriii who experienced his breakthrough year in the dancehall space, performed his hit singles such as "Paddle Boat” & “Panton”, and was deemed by the crowd the artiste who is “next up” in the dancehall industry.

With an effortless and flawless performance, dancehhall sensation, Byron Messia showed that he too can be a contender as the future face of dancehall as well. Knowing the lyrics word for word, patrons engaged Messia in his smash hit "Talibans" which sent a burst of dynamic energy across the National Stadium.

Accompanied by a burgeoning selector, DJ Mac shared his gratitude to the dancehall artiste with a post on his Instagram account. "It Was A Honour", he humbly shared.

Current dancehall frontrunner, Valiant who definitely allowed the crowd to “Mad Out” at his entrance to the stage. Performing songs such as "Glock 40", "Expensive" & "Dunce Cheque", the crowd erupted like a volcano bursting with a peak of good energy across the entire arena. Humbled by the moment and grateful for the experience. Valiant thanked Chris Brown for allowing him to be a part of the memorable occasion.

Valiant, thanked Chris Brown for allowing him to be a part of the concert (Jamar Cleary)

"This is the best concert I have ever been to", said multiple patrons in attendance. The R&B legend serenaded the crowd with a compilation from his starting career in 2005 to his present day singles. Bringing out the stage presence, the dancers and the groovy moves, the performance became an experience to be present for in real time. "Worth every penny", said more patrons who were also in attendance.

Declaring the BZR Weekend an annual event, promoters explained to patrons the goal of the BZR Weekend. "We want to make this an annual thing where we bring international acts to Jamaica every year", shared the promoter Jay Upscale. They even asked fans who they would like to see next year taking the main stage with a high request for international female rapper Nicki Minaj. Deemed already by patrons "the best concert"they have ever experienced. The Bizarre Weekend is already on the right track in interwinning international artistes amongst Jamaica's culture.


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