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Interview: Shampagnex Reflects on Becoming a Fashion Trailblazer in the Jamaican Music Industry

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The talented fashion designer delves into her collaborations with Aidonia, Lila Ike, and other talents, reflecting on the recognition she has earned and expressing her aspirations for an upcoming collection

Shampagnex making significant strides in dressing the stars

In a realm where fashion seamlessly intertwines with the rhythmic beats of the music industry, there is no doubt that the talented fashion designer Shamara Sahadeo has firmly established herself as a young trailblazer. Having collaborated with prominent figures in the music world such as Skillibeng, Spice, Protoje, and Jesse Royal, Shamara has crafted an impeccable portfolio that has captivated the attention of Jamaicans islandwide. Discussing the inception of her business and career highlights, Shamara Sahadeo, professionally known as "Shampagnex," shared insights in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.


Originally intending to forge her unique path, Shampagnex explained how she cultivated her passion to embark on her career. "Originally, I didn't want to do anything like this; I wanted to pursue finance," the creative expressed. "My mom is actually a designer, so I grew up around it. My grandmother also made clothes. I wanted to be different, but I found my way back around to this, and I'm proud of it now," the designer added.

Delving further into her startup phase, Sahadeo elaborated on how wearing her own designs marked the inception of her clothing brand. "Over time, people started asking me to make clothes for them to wear to parties and events. I began wearing my creations, and that's truly how my brand evolved into a clothing brand," she explained. "It feels good to be a third-generation designer," the innovator remarked with pride.


Having collaborated with artists such as Skillibeng, Aidonia, Spice, Protoje, Jahshii and others, Shamara has curated a successful portfolio, showcasing her significant contribution to fashion within Jamaica's music industry. Reflecting on her significant moments, the skilled designer highlighted her time with Lila Ike as her first major breakthrough. "My first big break was working with Lila Ike. I styled the cover of her first EP, and I also did her press photos," She reflected. "Working with her, as well as all the other artists I’ve collaborated with, I consider them all as my first big break," she added humbly with gratitude.

Encouraging aspiring designers to embrace their uniqueness, Shampagnex emphasized the importance of individuality for success within the industry. "Focus on finding out what makes you different and zone in on your passion," the successful designer expressed. "It's really about being different with your individuality and the energy that you put in; that's what people react to," she further added.


With fervent aspirations to expand and introduce more product lines, the trailblazing fashion designer hopes to participate in more shows and create new collections next year. "I want to create product lines for people to buy," Shamara passionately expressed. "I want to do more shows, and I hope to create two new collections next year," she concluded.

"focus on finding out what makes you different and zone in on your passion"


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