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Aidonia's 'Occupied Mind': Captivating Singles for the Ladies and Amazing Deejaying Ability

Dancehall star unveils anticipated project aimed at ladies, showcasing characteristic rapping lyricism and masterful beat control

Aidonia, a masterful beat control (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Dancehall star Aidonia has unveiled his long-anticipated project 'Occupied Mind,' featuring 23 singles. Released on December 1st under his label, Banga House Music Group, the album combines previously released hits like 'Frsh Drop,' 'We Doh Regular,' and 'Faith' with new tracks.

Throughout the album, Aidonia showcases his precise lyrical control. Many singles target a female audience, utilizing captivating melodies and deejaying skills to emphasize words.

Highlight tracks such as 'Socrates,' metaphorically linking to the Brazilian soccer legend, 'Tlk U Mind,' 'Moonwalk,' 'Link Up E Block,' 'Diamond,' and the catchy 'Unda Deh' pivot towards more sensual tones for intimate settings. The collaboration 'Thug Love' with fellow artist Govana emphasizes the connection between romance and financial aspects.

With an Arabic music-influenced beat, the track 'Dubai' sees Aidonia showcasing his adept rapping skills. His commanding voice and potent lyrics take center stage on singles like 'Big Belly' and 'Hell Raise,' delivering a formidable message to those who question him. The '1V' deejay possesses the skill to issue a stern warning to those not aligned with him.

The album's fusion of beats is captivating, showcasing a diverse range that the 42-year-old DJ effortlessly adapts to.

Despite a rollercoaster year marked by intense emotions, including the tragedy of losing his son, Aidonia reaffirms his stature at the pinnacle of the game.


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