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Interview: Rising Talent Mugs Carving His Own Path in the Dancehall Space

Gaining momentum in the music industry and being regarded as a promising talent, Mugs is undoubtedly an artist to watch in 2024

Rising dancehall talent, Mugs

In the pulsating heart of Linstead, St Catherine, a rising star has emerged in the vibrant dancehall music scene. Curtis Hamilton, popularly known as Mugs, whose journey in the industry has been marked by passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. In an interview with Kaboom Magazine, Mugs shares insights into his background, challenges faced, and dreams for the future.

The rising talent began his musical journey for fun during his high school years, gradually transitioning into a more serious pursuit. His debut single, "Kalling," marked a significant milestone in his career. "As time went by, I started taking it more seriously until I finally released my first single 'Kalling,'" the 22-year-old talent shared.

Mugs has garnered significant attention with this single, which has already accumulated 1.3 million views on YouTube, followed by other singles such as 'Raw Cash.' Reflecting on his recent singles, Mugs expressed, "I knew the songs were solid – melodic and catchy for those into the trap side of dancehall. However, I never anticipated such a positive reception for my first two singles, especially 'Kalling,' being that it was my first public release, but both songs still have a long way to go," he acknowledged.

The young deejay draws inspiration primarily from his family and the collective energy of his team, 6owl. Moreover, his background acts as a catalyst, propelling him to push boundaries and enhance his skills within the dancehall domain. He has attracted the attention of esteemed producers in the dynamic dancehall scene, including Dynasty Global and Kyle Butler, and also collaborated with the renowned producer Countree Hype on the track "Dunce N Boasty," featured in the latest project by the accomplished producer.

"I love to see younger artists creating a wave in dancehall, especially artists younger than me. It only shows me that I, as well as upcoming artists like myself, can create their impact in the industry," he shared, deriving encouragement from their accomplishments. Furthermore, he added, "Younger artists also influence me to embrace whatever content I choose to bring to the eyes and ears of dancehall." He specifically mentioned Kraff, RajahWild, Najeeri, and Pablo YG as individuals who inspire and motivate him on his journey towards success.

When delving into his aspirations of elevating his music to a global scale and collaborating with acclaimed artists and producers, Mugs expressed, "My dream is to definitely take it to a bigger level, collaborate with bigger artists and producers worldwide, but for now, I’m just putting in the work and the rest will be history," he stated with determination and a clear vision for his musical journey.

Mugs, Finds inspiration in the success of other younger generation artists

Teasing fans with anticipation, Mugs discloses upcoming projects with reputable producers and exciting collaborations with both male and female artists. "I have a lot of projects coming soon with reputable producers, and also some hot collaborations coming with some great male and female artists," he revealed.

As Mugs continues to forge ahead, carving his own distinct path in the music scene, he serves as a testament to the immense potential of young talent within the dynamic and ever-evolving world of dancehall.


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