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  • Akeeile Harris

Countree Hype Set to Release Electrifying EP 'Cosa Nostra' with Stellar Collaborations

The rising dancehall producer to release a new 7-track EP with singles from Tommy Lee, Kraff, Jahvillani, Intence among others. more details are here

Countree Hype, Keeps the annual tradition

Renowned dancehall producer Countree Hype returns with another project towards the end of the year. As is his tradition, he concludes each year with either a mixtape or an EP, and this time it is the 7-track EP titled 'Cosa Nostra'. The project is now available to pre-order.

Characterized by his infectious and catchy beats, the producer brings together leading dancehall artists such as Tommy Lee Sparta, Jahvillani, Pablo YG, Intence, Konshens, Roze Don, and more.

Intence, working with Countree Hype on regular basis (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

The compelling project brings together diverse artists for enthralling collaborations. Witness Intence and Kraff's inaugural partnership on "AK," where they seamlessly merge their familiar flow and style. Additionally, Shane O and Deep Jahi, recognized for their melodious prowess, will present the track 'Roller Coaster.' This marks the first collaboration between Deep and Shane O. "This is the first time Deep and Shane O have collaborated. It was inspired by people based in Accra, Ghana, and The Gambia. I've had a lot of people hit me about it from there. Two great artists in terms of writing", Countree Hype elaborated on the connection.

The North Coast collaboration brings together local stars Jahvillani and breakthrough artist Pablo YG for an infectious single titled 'Young And Free'. "Pablo has been consistent this year, finding some songs, so you know. Jahvi sent me this one, and we planned to include Pablo on it. It's a hit single, trust me, I've played it 100 times," he said.

Making his mark on the industry with his signature

"It's my first time working with Tommy Lee. The chemistry was great," he told Kaboom Magazine. "Authentic Tommy Lee single with that melody and flow. We've been trying to work since 2017, but it fell through. it's one for the catalog," he emphasized.

The seasoned dancehall artist Konshens is also featured in the project with the single "Good Pum Pum," catering to the ladies. Countree Hype expressed admiration, saying, "Big up Kon. This is an authentic Konshens with one for the girls again."

Having worked closely with Intence in recent years and being the producer behind one of his major hits, 'Yahoo Boyz,' Countree Hype continues his collaboration with the Yeng artist. In addition to the joint effort with Kraff, Intence contributes the theme song for the project 'Cosa Nostra.' "Last year, we dropped 'London Drill,' and now we've got another one with a drill beat," he revealed.

Roze Don, "Easy to work with him" (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

The dancehall producer, having collaborated with rising dancehall artist Roze Don over the past few months, assures another hit with the release of 'Sloppy Toppy 360,' specifically crafted for the ladies. "Easy to work with him. He has a natural ability to work with ideas and execute them. Once you're willing to work, you get the reward," he praised the young Spanish Town talent." he praised the young talent from Spanish Town.

While actively promoting his riddim 'Whisper' featuring IWaata, Teebone, Roze Don, and the emerging talent Mugs, Countree Hype has ambitious plans for the future and promoting his Countre Hype TV. More projects are on the horizon, including collaborations with rising dancehall artists like Sgee Vehnom and Najeeriii, promising a diverse and exciting projects for 2024.


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