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Intence heats up the summer with new track "Bounce"

The dancehall artist aiming to hit the dancefloors with his new single, as he continues to gear up for his upcoming album, "Voyage"

Intence, continues to gear up for the release of his upcoming album (Kyro Smoke)

Dancehall disruptor Intence is ready to heat up the summer with "Bounce", a dance-ready track out now via VP Records. The Japanese title translates to “Yeng (Bounce),” a nod to the artist's growing fanbase in the land of the rising sun.

Produced by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum Jamaican producers KINGBNJMN and Universvl, "Bounce" was made to jolt life into dancefloors with its rhythmic pulse and hypnotic delivery.

The surreal, eye-popping video, directed by KD Visuals, is filled with leaders of Jamaica youth culture like dancehall dancers Kaka High Flames & Friends, Pata-Skeng, North Coast Boyz, and many more, along with the 2012's world clash champion and legendary selector Sky Juice from Metro Media sound system. The video has gained almost 500,000 views so far on YouTube and is ranked 26th on the trending chart in Youtube Jamaica

The song was recorded on April 23, the night of the sold-out "Gift from God" show in New York City, Intence’s debut live performance in the U.S.

"Bounce" is just the latest in a spate of releases from Intence, including songs such as “Mugger," "OutRAGEous," and most recently, "First Lady." The artiste continues to gear up for the release of his forthcoming album, "Voyage".


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