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Emerging Producer YowLevite's Leap of Faith: From Marketing to Working with Dancehall's Royalty

He is working with big players in dancehall like Spice, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel, but he stays humble and looking for the next project. Meet another talent, YowLevite

YowLevite, working with the big names

Every great story usually starts with a leap of faith, and if one should talk to emerging producer Keron 'YowLevite' Young about his journey in the music business so far, he would tell you how the pursuit of a passion he developed from a tender age has led him to work with some of the biggest names in dancehall.

The young producer might only have just over 5 years of professional experience in the business but his repertoire, work ethic and constant search for ways to learn more and level is akin to any senior person in a similar role. Recently, he created waves as the Riddim producer behind Dancehall Queen Spice's latest releases "God a Bless Me", "Spice Marley" and "Queen of the Dancehall". But how did he turn his amateur mixing of tracks on music softwares from the previous decade into a full fledge career. Well, according to YowLevite, it all started when he left his career in Marketing.

"I had always been a lover of music. When I was younger, I remember my grandma was one of the first people to support me. At that time, I was learning to play the drums and then the keyboard. Then you know like most Jamaican I began playing instruments in church then by time I got to high school, I learned to play trombone and bass guitar," he told Kaboom Magazine.

Keron "YowLevite" Young, "before the pandemic, I made the decision and I have been putting in the work since then"

While he was developing a love for music, he still paid keen attention to his studies and extracurricular activities. Eventually, he went to the University of the West Indies and during his tenure completing a Degree in Computer Sciences, he continued to dabble in the music arena. In an unlikely twist though he was always a science kid his career path took a segway into Marketing, but this would not be his last change because he still did not feel he was doing what he truly loved.

"Taking that leap was not an easy decision because I had a lot of responsibilities or just a lot to think about. But at that time I would be talking it over with my mentors from Frenz For Real, Benji and RedBoom and they would gave me some advice about what the best thing would be to do. Ultimately in about 2019 before the pandemic, I made the decision and I have been putting in the work since then," he said.

Since then, he has worked with a number of artistes including Intence, Jahshii, Noah Powa, Dexta Daps, Vershon, Iwaata, Beenie Man and a host of other up-and-coming performers. But still, even with some many popular names under his belt, Yow Levite remains humble enough to note that he is still at the beginning of his journey.

"I don’t think you will ever know when you get to the top, well at least not me, because I try to always stay ahead. So even if I am literally there, I will just treat each day like it is a new day and I am still learning or still have more to accomplish. For instance, having worked with Spice who is the queen of the Dancehall and then Beenie Man who is the king of the Dancehall or like a Vybz Kartel has made me hungrier to see who the next person will be. I am always eager to conquer new levels," Yow Levite reasoned.

While he continues to make progress and work his way up the dancehall food chain, he is looking forward to releasing a Riddim Pack that he has been working on since his days at University to give inspiration to other performers and producers who may hear it. As for his 2023 outlook, he is expecting the unexpected.

"I am looking forward to the next step for me. The possibilities are endless, and I am always aiming to make an impact and add value", he concluded.

"Having worked with Spice and Beenie Man or Vybz Kartel has made me hungrier to see who the next person will be"


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