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Jahshii, a Dancehall collaboration maestro

The 'Cream of the Crop' became his moniker, and the sexy collaborations created rumors about his relationships, but in 'Pieces' and 'Tears' with Masicka & Mavado respectively, he provides uplifting statements

Jahshii and Masicka in 'Pieces' video shoot, master of collabs? (Prod By Nick)

The Kingston-based artiste, Jahshii (born Mluleki Tafari Clarke), from the Grants Pen area is renowned for his hit-making abilities not only as a solo artiste but with multiple collaborations since he catapulted into Dancehall mainstream.

One of his biggest collaborations to date, with fellow young, upcoming act at the time; Navaz, ultimately labeled him as 'Cream Of The Crop' from the song’s title. The title has since become his moniker, which signifies his separation & difference from his peers in the industry as well as publicly divulging it as his highly long anticipated album title. The song is one of his most popular songs to date and is always among his catalogue of heartfelt performances locally and overseas.

Showing his diverse abilities, he teamed up with the female songbirds, Moyann, Kim Kelly & Starr on sexually charged singles 'How We A Live', 'God's Gift', and '4Life'. The singles rapidly became some of his female fanbase’s more popular trending songs with approximately 5 million views in total on YouTube to date. 'How We A Live' propels a raunchy & boastful Moyann and Jahshii, who both paced lyrics displaying how they are currently living. In the singles 'God's Gift' and '4Life', Jahshii depicts his more romantic side & intriguing chemistry in the songs & in the visuals leading to an uprise in rumours circulating of his relationships with the artistes.

Following his hugely popular and controversial comments on TVJ’s Tv Show ER, he rose to stardom during this time, with outbursts calling out some veteran Dancehall acts while simultaneously praising the legendary Bounty Killer as one of the few that helps young artistes.

Jahshii and Moyann, a spectacular collaboration (Kyro Smoke)

Jahshii then scored 'When We A Step' with one of his musical influences, Bounty Killer; a controversial hardcore song that immediately entered the trending charts and have since garnered over 1.4 million views on YouTube. Contrary to the topic of the song, the video unexpectedly displayed no guns to the fans surprise as both artistes belted out hardcore lyrics to match current situations in Jamaica.

Upcoming act, Qwella scored two collaborations with Jahshii; 'Millions' also featuring Dane Ray; but it was his feature on 'Boujie Bitch' also featuring Brysco that gave him the most success as a result of its viral circulation on popular social media platform, Tiktok. With its nowadays trap spitting lyrics it has connected with the younger demography that heavily uses the social media platform. The song is well on its way to a million views and is slowly creeping into the dancehall space.

His powerful uplifting type message music is what Jahshii is widely known for and is displayed in his recent releases. With Byron Messia, on 'Believe', the song was only released a little over a month now and has already racked up over 164,000 views on the official audio on YouTube .

Currently one of the biggest songs on the island, his feature on the hit single, 'Pieces' eyes both Jahshii and Masicka in a triumphant, celebratory mood while identifying their journey to stardom and the ability to defend themselves if needs be. The song has little over 2.8 million views on YouTube in its short time since its under a month release & sits steadily at #9 on the trending chart in Jamaica.

His latest collaboration released on Wednesday, March 15th with one of Dancehall’s columns, Mavado has already garnered over 179,000 views in under 24 hours on a single entitled 'Tears'; a tribute to the artistes fallen soldiers. Both singjays display a more vulnerable side to go along with their previously known emotional side on prior hit songs. They talk about dealing with the passing of loved ones, with Jahshii sadly mentioning the tragic loss of his producer-friend that was gunned down by police in 2021.

Which Jahshii collab is your favorite?

  • Cream Of The Crop

  • Ho We A Live

  • Pieces

  • God's Gift

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