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Dynasty Global offloads its new project 'Sin Riddim'

A dark dancehall, R&B fusion beat with 3 songs already on the trending charts and more releases in the near future, the emerging label sets high standards

L-R: Zerimar, Kyle Butlet, Nhance (Rickayla Mcneil, Nhance)

With several singles already released from the project including Kraff's 'Blicky', Nhance's 'Love + Pain', Skippa's 'All Along' & Zerimar's 'Playtime Over'; the emerging label of Dynasty Global pulls his new collection titled, 'Sin Riddim' off the shelf.

The label again brings together some rising talents in the dancehall space for an intriguing project. 3 of the released songs are already making the trending chart on YouTube Jamaica with Kraff's 'Blicky' garnering over 500K views, 'All Along' by Skippa is at 7th and Nhance finds himself at number 18. Other artistes will be added to the project including Rygin King, Rytikal, Jquan, and Teebone.

This co-produced compilation by 'Dynasty' & 'Triple O Records' is a dark dancehall beat that contains R&B fusion, created by the composer Bandy Beats. "What inspired the beat was trying to mix R&B or hip hop with dancehall in terms of melody. Artistes like beats with melody and I like the darkness as well", explained Dynasty's CEO, Kyle Butler.

After recording great success with projects such as 'My Letter To You', 'Bleed', 'Heart To Heart' & 'Ashes To Ashes', Dyansty continues to find different talents in the dancehall scene with the aim to give them the opportunity. they recently started working with the rising Trinidadian talent, Zerimar, who also appears on the project. "I find talents through research and I have the vision to tell when someone will be the next superstar", Butler said confidently. "Look at Nhance. he is a serious artiste that will make waves in the industry, he has the entire package and that’s a god gift", he further added.

As the melodies once again combine with the dark dancehall and echo the popular sounds of hip-hop and R&B beats, Dynasty and Kyle Butler set goals for the future. "Expect a couple more singles and then we go into recording mode for 2024", he shared.


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