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Jquan, viral with 'Choppa Gospel', now eager for more

Manchester-based recording artiste gains momentum with single, set to release collaboration with rising artiste, Najeeriii

Jquan, being up next? (Tejano Taylor)

In this industry, as we have seen multiple times, it can take just one song to catapult your career. Again, it’s evident for rising dancehall artiste, Jquan, who is gaining momentum with his viral hit, 'Choppa Gospel'; a song that has developed traction from the streets of Jamaica.

The young talent hails from Manchester, and with this popular single, released only a month ago, already racked up 1.2 million views on YouTube to date. His follow up single, 'Bogus' was recently released with the artiste having another 8-9 structured songs that has been already recorded and ready for release.

In an age where music is consumed fast, trends need to be identified; teaming up with his manager/producer, Steel Chest from Outta Space Records, the producer/singer Dane Ray, and rising star, Najeeriii for a collaboration that is about to be released. A viral clip of the song has already created waves on the social media platforms, with Najeriii fastly becoming the man of the hour on the local scene. "We are waiting for this song to be complete, this is going out next", said a source close to the artiste. The artiste is also working on upcoming projects From Steel Chest, DJ Mac & Sky Bad.

Jquan began to receive frequent bookings, stemming from his recent momentum while captivating the audience on several main events including Valiant's '4:14' mixtape launch.

As he embraces the popular ‘Choppa’ lifestyle songs, typical of this era, Jaquan realizes that he may be the next big breakthrough and has no intentions of slowing down.

Jquan and Valiant, the artiste began to receive frequent bookings (Tajano Taylor)


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