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Stalk Ashley shows star quality on her way to Dancehall Supremacy

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The rising female songbird gains popularity, increased her fanbase, and consistently showcases her talent. Is Stalk Ashley the next international female dancehall star?

Star in the making (Kyng Production)

International Women's Month is indeed behind us, but looking at the state of women in the dancehall industry since the beginning of the year, we can say that there is one artiste that has been gathering strong momentum; rising Dancehall star - Stalk Ashley.

Notable ladies of the genre continue to have their effects: The Dancehall Queen, Spice, is back in action after her recent complications, Shenseea continues to make her mark overseas and Jada Kingdom, Moyann continues to shine with impactful performances, but with the most stable growth of them all since year is arguably; Stalk Ashley. The rising singer is definitely making her way to Dancehall stardom: her style which is heavily influenced by R&B and Gospel has led to her uniqueness and versatility while her voice is something that set her apart from others; so clean and pure, that sometimes it can even sound like an acapella.

Her performances have been well-received by audiences with most praising her vocal abilities, strong stage presence, command and delivery. She has since been heavily featured on some of the biggest platforms since the start of the year including UWI Carnival ‘After Mas’, Flush, Shotlist, CVM’s Onstage, just to name a few, as well as multiple acoustic shows as a treat to her growing fanbase.

Since the release of 'Incognito’ featuring Alkaline and ‘Young', over three years ago; Stalk Ashley has been fully focused, and very consistent and expanded her musical catalog with singles such as 'Earthquake', 'Narcissistic' featuring Valiant, 'Talibhan' featuring Skeng, which has already surpassed 25 million views collectively on the popular streaming platform, Youtube. Her latest hit, 'Dutty Casamigos', which was produced by Romiech Entertainment is already among her fans’ favorite since its two weeks ago released in March of 2023 and is gaining momentum with 440,000 views on YouTube in that short time.

Stalk Ashley is currently rumored to be working towards completing her first full studio album, and it's only a matter of time before it should be available on all digital platforms worldwide.

While her music is a blend of different genres, she showcases her highly polished unique style & sounds, in addition to her sexuality and lyrical ability, to captivate her audience, develop as an artiste and to fulfill her cross-over aspirations.

What does the future hold for the rising star? (Rickayla Mcneil)

Will Stalk Ashley gain overseas attention? Only time will tell, but it's very interesting to watch her development over the years and see what the future holds for the young singer-songwriter.


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