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Classics of the Week: Govana, Sean Paul, Najeeriii & 450

Govana, 450 and Chronic Law mixing melodies, King Imxge becoming the latest viral artiste and Sean Paul attracts the ladies. Who else got the spin?

L-R: Govana, 450, Sean Paul & Jquan (Photos: Kyron Smoke, Jamar Cleary)

A massive amount of new releases have been released over the weekend, so we've rounded up the top pics in our weekly list. Are you ready?

Govana – 'Legendz' 'Legends don't die'. Govana's lyrics always hit hard, as he knows how to wrap powerful melodies in his songs. The Spanish Town native returns with another classic.

Chronic Law – 'Area 51' 'We give thanks and give up inna the same sentence". The brilliant Dancehall therapist, Chronic Law proves once again that he is a very intelligent artiste. His writing skills are again evident while the metaphors and analogies matches well.

450 – 'Cold Streets' For those who forgot, 450 made his breakthrough with singles such as 'Imperfection' and 'Journey'; the talented singer flaunts his silky vocals and emotional lyrics to captivate the airwaves.

Najeeriii – 'Rockabye' Najeeriii continues to gain momentum in the dancehall space with another releasre that immediately landed at the number one spot on the Youtube trending chart in Jamaica. His music and lyrics are top-notch among the dancehall new-era artistes.

King Imxge – 'Bam Bam Bidam Bam' Recording artiste, King Imxge (Prononouced King Image) delivers a music video for his viral hit. It depicts a freestyle that captures the heart of dancehall; fun, good vibes and good spirit which led to its immediate and rapid virality.

Sean Paul – 'Bedroom Tactics' A great addition to this captivating riddim. The international dancehall superstar, Sean Paul demonstrates his typical voice in a sexy selling single that aims to conquer dance floors.

Jquan – 'All Night' Jquan continues to build his momentum in the industry and targets the ladies in his new single while delivering his smooth vocals, blending R&B and pop influences to evolve his musical style.

Nation Boss – 'Circle' Known for his precise melodies and lyrics, Nation Boss once again showcases his talent with a powerful message wrapped in vivid visuals.

Rajahwild – 'Tell Me' One of the leading talents of 2023, Rajahwild showcases his skills once again in a new single, belting positive energy and uplifting lyrics that fit the magnetizing beat produced by 'Moringa Boss'.

Nhance – 'Love + Pain' Rising dancehall artiste, Nhance, fuses love and pain into a powerful single that is featured on the new 'Sin Riddim' By Dynasty Global. Accompanied by an emotional music video, Nhance continues to emerge as a super talent.

Jafrass – 'Bad Miss' Jafrass tells the story of a passionate lover yearning for a chance to capture the ladies in a new single. His typical flow blends with the mesmerized beat created by the co-production of NSG Music Group, Sean Gad, DethWrld Records and Balla Music.

Ai Milly – 'Full Moon' Dancehall artiste, Ai Milly turns into a nocturnal animal as he waits for the full moon. He exhibits melodies mixed with precise rhyming ability that matches his unique flow and music style for a fine delivery.


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