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Jafrass targets more consistency: "I’ve to adapt the current dancehall in my own way to it"

The ‘One Word Boss’ released his new single 'Henne & Casamigo' featuring NSG Music & 9 Mile: "I’m always trying to find a unique sound that could fit with what’s going on now", said NSG's producer Mappy

Jafrass, re-focused on consistently (Tejano Taylor)

One of the artists that emerged from the slew of talents that came from Montego Bay, Jafrass (born Shevin Jarrett) gained recognition in the industry a few years ago.

Jafrass has been through quite a bit in recent years, changing managers and surrounding teams, however, he is re-focused on consistently to regain momentum. “I think consistency is very important in an artiste’s career. So I’m always pushing to do more”, said the deejay to Kaboom Mag.

In the past 1 1/2 years, the St. James-native deejay has a close relationship with the emerging label, NSG Music Group and joined forces on his latest release titled ‘Henne & Casamigo’ which is co-produced with the rising video director/producer, 9Mile. “From the riddim to the song was just energy and instinct. I was just making a beat with Jafrass in mind because he was there while I made the beat. The song was the same because he was just vibing and freestyling”, explained Matthew ‘Mappy’ Wilson from the NSG Music Group.

Jafrass enjoying the stage event (Tejano Taylor)

The beat matches the popular trappy vibes and atmosphere that surrounds the dancehall currently. “The state of dancehall is fine. The younger artistes are doing their thing and are working hard to grow. I enjoy it and I’ve adapted in my own way to it”, Jafrass elaborated, on how he made his adaption to the popular Dancehall Trap genre, while Mappy commented: “I’m always absorbing the music atmosphere and I’m always trying to find a unique sound that could fit with what’s going on now”.

Since its release on July 16, the single has already amassed over 213,000 views on Youtube and has been already spotted on the Youtube trending charts in Jamaica. “Making the charts is always good. It shows that people are engaging with your music but I think artistes should focus more about being consistent”, "shared Mappy.

Jafrass has delivered on his recent performances at several major events such as the Redstripe Rumvolution and Valiant's ‘4:14’ mixtape launch. “The experiences were great for both. I was very happy to come out for the fans and also to show support at the launch”, the ‘One Word Boss’ described.

With dancehall currently sounding more rap/trap infused, the young talents embrace it, but for mappy he feels that we are about to face a change. “Yes, currently it’s the more trappy style that’s popular but I do feel a shift coming”, he noted. “I definitely think it could crossover because we have seen music like this crossover before. So it wouldn’t be something new and history tends to repeat itself”, the talented producer deeply reflected.

With his professional career now spanning more than 7 years, Jafrass identifies that consistency is the key to relevancy and more success. ”Well, just consistency. We’ve been putting in the work so you can expect more releases, more videos, different styles, different flows and more creativity for 2023 and beyond”, the deejay promised.

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