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Chronic Law, Shaneil Muir, Jada Kingdom, and More: The Weekly Musical Highlights

A prolific weekend for Law Boss, with Jada Kingdom and Shaniel Muir also delivering standout singles, while Brysco, Valiant, and others also garnered attention

L-R: Brsysco, Jada Kingdom, Chronic Law & Shaneil Muir

As Jamaica directed attention towards the lyrical clash between Teejay and Valiant, the weekend saw a wave of fresh music emerging from the studios. Here's our selection of noteworthy highlights.

Chronic Law – ‘Salt Gyal’

Once again, Law Boss showcases his prowess as he graces the ‘Chakka Riddim’ from producers DJ Mac & Crash Dummy. Leveraging his unique writing ability, he effortlessly navigates between the realms of romance and reality, delivering a single adorned with brilliant wordplay and setting a high standard once more.

Jada - 'Top Tier'

Bouncing back from her recent lyrical clash with Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom showcases her resilience with an infectious tune and a smooth voice. The single highlights her adaptability, seamlessly weaving lyrics into a sensual beat.

Valiant, Jquan - 'Hacker'

Valiant and Jquan unite in a brilliant collaboration that flawlessly captures their ambition for substantial financial success. Trading verses seamlessly, they complement each other with a shared objective, making this single destined for the pinnacle of the charts.

RajahWild - 'Monster'

In the guise of a monster, RajahWild once again exhibits splendid creativity, emphasizing to every girl entering his life that leaving won't be an option. His distinctive flow seamlessly intertwines with the imaginative visuals, creating an inspiring and captivating experience.

Shaneil Muir – ‘Try Again’

Shaniel Muir's commendable journey into the dancehall world is once again brought to light. In one of the most discussed singles of the weekend, she unveils a poignant struggle with her family, particularly her mother. This emotional battle is vividly portrayed through her remarkable lyrical ability.

Rygin King – ‘Promise’

Promising both fans and family of his resilience, Rygin King embraces his distinctive flow in a new deeply melodic single, reaffirming his exceptional talent. The track quickly ascends the trending charts, showcasing his ongoing impact on the music scene.

Brysco – ‘RrrSkrr’

Following his recent resurgence in the spotlight, Brysco reaffirms his musical prowess by unveiling another trendy single catered to a female audience. Skillfully narrating intimate experiences in the bedroom and complementing the beat seamlessly, he positions himself for yet another potential hit.

Skippa – ‘Fame’

Showcasing a blend of his melodic prowess and signature trappy flow, Skippa skillfully narrates the challenges of navigating fame as an emerging artist. His profound single is complemented by a visually compelling video that captures the essence of the narrative.

Mugs – ‘Vent’

Emerging artist Mugs collaborates once more with producer Countree Hype for his latest single, 'Vent.' This heartfelt tribute explores deep emotions and pays homage to the fallen in a profound musical reflection.


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