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Chemist Records is trying to replicate 1Matik's success with the release of '1 Rifle Project'

With names like Dexta Daps, Chronic Law, Govana & Shane O, the producer aims to regain success: "The expectations are really in the sky"

Shane O, Chronic Law & Govana, including in the project (Rickayla Mcneil, Jamar Cleary)

Big dancehall project is about to release from Jamaican producer Cjthechemist of Chemist Records. with the first single off the upcoming '1 Rifle Riddim' project titled 'Missing Piece' by dancehall superstar, Dexta Daps just released on Friday, August 4.

The compilation includes tracks from also Govana, Chronic Law, Shane O, among other dancehall artistes. "This project is different even thou it has the same theme as the '1Matik'," said the producer whose real name is Steve Rowe. "I expect a different energy, I have to just watch and see if I believe in the project, so the expectations are really in the sky", he further added.

The 1 Rifle Riddim is the follow-up to his highly successful '1Matik' Riddim project from 2021, which included Skeng's huge hit 'Gvnman Shift'. "It was a big surprise at the time even now I’m still in shock at how it still has its relevance", Chemist humbly shared. "One of the best feelings for a producer is to bring a new artist to the forefront. it’s a big accomplishment, it shows how chemistry really works", he echoed.

"I always do my best so I really don’t anticipate much. mi just mek the work speak for itself. I expected it to do its best and it’s the same approach with the 1 Rifle riddim", he fervently explained.


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