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Carrying on the legacy: Bogle’s Son, Likkle Wacky gears up for his own musical journey

Inspired by his father/legendary dancer, Bogle aka Mr. Wacky; the young talent, Likkle Wacky is surrounded by producers and rising artistes every day

Likke Wacky, learned from his father, inspired by his mother

Growing up in a family with musical background is always something that can direct your path in life. This is also true for rising dancehall artiste, Likkle Wacky (Born Tyrese Levy), son of the late legendary dancehall choreographer Bogle aka Mr Wacky.

Likkle Wacky, who was a child when his father passed away, inspired by his mother, who is also an artiste, is now creating his own path in the music industry. "The dancehall is changed a lot, I'm more of a trapper," he defines. "I would say that my music style is a lot different, stylish and simpler with clearer vocals and more authenticity", he told Kaboom Magazine.

The young talent who grew up in Old Harbor, mainly by his grandmother, is now starting his musical journey. He has embraced the nowadays's popular genre which is a blend of dancehall and trap. Likkle Wacky expends his musical catalog with singles such as: ‘Dutty Glock’ and ‘Mi laugh’ which have both been making some noise on the local airwaves and earned him an appearance at the famous Onstage tv show with Winford Williams. “Reactions for my development so far have been great as I’ve been exposed to more platforms such as Onstage and some major radio stations”, he described.

Surrounded by his team led by rising producers, RKtrap and Tarick who is responsible for several dancehall hits like Valiant's ‘Dunce Cheque’ and ‘Calm C’ by fast-rising dancehall artiste Kraff, the young talent tries to stay consistent.

“Being around my team has been a great experience. Being that Rktrap already has a major impact on dancehall now that has created a much easier learning environment for me as I’ve been around most of the newer dancehall artistes on a daily basis”, said the dancehall newcomer. “MusiqUk also makes production a lot easier and faster as we have Tarick creating new beats everyday, we have our own recording studio and video team on the go”, he continued to express.

As the new age of dancehall evolves tremendously, and after his late father's character received a tribute from Masicka recently on his recent hit single 'Tyrant', the rising talent continues the family’s musical legacy with his bright future. "You can expect a lot of surprises", he shared.

Likkle Wacky & RKTrap, "Being around my team has been a great experience"


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