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Burna Boy, Jada Kingdom, and more: the outstanding songs of the week

The African giant joins the 'Talibans' massive wave, Jada showcases sensuality, while Valiant, Deep Jahi, Tommy Lee Sparta among others who delivered this week

Jada Kingdom, Valiant, Burna Boy and Deep Jahi

Reggae Sumfest was the main focus over the past weekend, but we still had some new music to review. Here are the standout songs:

Byron Messia Ft. Burna Boy – ‘Talibans II’

The highly anticipated remarkable remix merges the infectious melodies and lyrical prowess of Byron Messia that matches perfectly with Burna Boy's afrobeat sounds. The remix version titled 'Talibans II' has already garnered over 1.8 views on YouTube within 3 days.

Tommy Lee Sparta – ‘Street Smart’

'Man a rockstar', is a part of the new release by the Sparta Boss. Inspired by his performance at Reggae Sumfest, the son of Mobay returns with a fresh melodic track produced by Poppinz Records. Tommy Lee Sparta showcases lyrical ability and accurate rhyming as he makes it clear that he's not here to play games.

Valiant - 'Mad Out'

Riding the success of his impressive performance at Reggae Sumfest, dancehall's current leading force, Valiant, delivers a mad video for his latest release ' Mad Out'. including in the current trending compilation, 'Big Bunx' riddim which targets the summer. a pure banger for the dance floors.

Jada Kingdom – ‘IDG1F’

Jada Kingdom brings her signature flow and ethereal voice to the soothing R&B infused melody and its subtly alluring riddim. ‘IDG1F’ carries a sensual undertone that matches Jada’s sharp lyrics and wit, and takes to the forefront Gold Up’s production versatility.

Najeerii – ‘Hack We Hack’

Embracing the Choppa lifestyle the fast-rising dancehall artiste, Najeeriii delivers another quick-money topic single. His unique flow and lyrical prowess with common slangs make the song another potential hit.

Roze Don – ‘Summa Bun’

Spanish Town on the map. Roze Don fits the dominant style in the dancehall space right now, retrieving catchy lyrics that captivate the girls time after time in his new single, which is the title song for Romeich Entertainment's new riddim.

Iwaata – ‘Link Up’

The ‘Play Gad’, as he is popularly known, showcases his wordplay and spits hard-hitting lyrics as he is most popularly known for. This single definitely targets the dance floors.

Nation Boss – ‘Heart Scar’

Nation Boss made his big break in 2021 thanks to his melodic ability and powerful songs. He continues his run with a wonderful ‘R.I.P’ single, that pays tribute to those who have lost someone. You can feel the immense sadness when you listen carefully to the lyrics. The visuals also add tangibility.

Deep Jahi – ‘Bridges Burn’

One of the most underrated artistes in the Jamaican music industry. Deep Jahi is a talented songwriter with quality melodies. The message is deep and real and matches well with his unique flow and voice. Time to burn the bridges and open all the doors for the St. Ann native talent.

Tatik – ‘Too Rude’

Fresh from his shows in Europe, rising talent Tatik returns with a summer banger for the ladies. Tatik blends sex-selling lyrics with his smooth flow that matches well with the infectious beat.

Ai Milly – ‘Tump Up’

Rising trapper Ai Milly jumps at the idea of a music video with sexy girls. The Oracabessa-native singjay combines his typical flow with the right lyrics to launch a potential hit single.

Pablo YG – ‘Rich N Richer’

From the 'Bad Juvi' mixtape, by the north coast talent, Pablo YG releases a video for his melodic song 'Rich N Richer', which motivates young youths to seek success. The beat was co-produced by Poppinz Recored and YGF Records, known for Valiant's single, 'Expensive', which surpassed 12 million views on Youtube.

There are some other noteworthy singles; Alkaline’s ’Cyaa Tame’, Yaksta joining Romiech's compilation with a captivating rhythmic song titled ‘Bush Braff’, Jafrass on the same riddim with ‘Campari’ and also Jahvillani delivering once again in his single titled ‘Rhum’.


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