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Biggs Don drops the first single from his debut EP

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Rising dancehall artiste teams up with emerging producer Shynal Music for the track 'Don Dem', scheduled for release on Friday, June 30th

Biggs Don, Working on his upcoming project (Rickayla Mcneil)

Dancehall recording artiste, Biggs Don was under the radar for a certain time, but it seems that he is coming back to the front soon in an attempt to gain the attention and captivate the audiences.

The 19-year-old artiste collaborates with emerging producer Shynal Music for a new single titled 'Don Dem' which will be the first outta his upcoming EP. The single is set to drop on Friday, June 30.

"Long time People no see a solid project from him, so they really should expect his comeback with the single", said Oshane Lozane from 'Shynal Music' who co-produced it with Steel Chest and Malik Muzick.

This single features on the 'Heart Freeze Riddim' compilation including 'Ambition' by Tatik and 'Krama' by dancehall newcomer, Nhance.

Biggs Don is known for his popular track 'Bwoii Affi' which was produced by Steel Chest of Outta Space Records and garnered 10 million views on Youtube. he is also known for the singles 'Story', 'Money Rain' (co-produced by Slingerz Records) and more.

Shynal music, is a rising producer who works closely with the producer Skelly Dan and rising talents in the industry such as Kant10t and Tatik as he produced his leading single 'Strongest Soldier List' which racked up almost 1 Million views on youtube to date.


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