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Man of Many Hats: Meet the emerging producer Skelly Dan

After giving his touch to Valiant and Chronic Law songs, the emerging producer is now promoting new stuff by Nhance and Stanch D and also manages the rising artiste, Kant10t

Skelly Dan, Behind and beside everyone

Up-And-Coming dancehall artiste, Nhance joined forces with the young talent, Stanch D for a new single titled, "What You Like". The single features on the riddim which was created 2 Years By Steco Decastro from Crown Heights Ent, who is also a part of the management team of dancehall current frontrunner, Valiant.

The track was supposed to release as a single by the talented youth, Nhance, who is the son of the former Gaza Empire, Gaza Sheba. "I was seeing that Stanch D has the rapper sound. so I decided to let him sing the chorus to create the chemistry of my own international collab", explains producer Skelly Dan who co-produced the single. "Honestly at first, we thought the project wasn't good enough, but the audio was released, a thing which aid in even getting the video done. 'Mek mi tek yuh to a choppa town', that's the line that caught everyone's ear and helped the single to get rotation on the social media platforms", he further added.

Other singles on the project are "Bang Eeh Line" by Vigilant and the riddim also features Armanii with a song titled "Tight Ole", which is yet to be released.

Rising dancehall artiste Nhance, who hails from Portmore, gained some recognition for his singles "No Love" and his latest viral song, "Monster".

Emerging producer, Skelly Dan has built the beat for the "Escape 21 Riddim", which features the songs "Murdera" by Chronic Law, "Every Night" by Valiant and "Escape" by the rising dancehall artiste, Kant10t, whom he currently also manages. both of dem grew up in the community of Seaview Gardens, In Kingston.

"Mi just a man behind & beside everyone that needs help in the success of their musical journey", Skelly said. "I'm wanting to 'Know how to do everything", he concluded. Skelly is a guy to go to.


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