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  • Akeeile Harris

50 Cent's Influence: A Turning Point in Masicka's Artistic Journey

Dancehall phenom Masicka earns international acclaim with Rolling Stone feature: "When 50 Cent came out, that's when I knew I was going to be an artist. I think you should not box yourself in to do just one thing"

Masicka, Drawing Inspiration from both local and int'l Legends (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)

Following the release of his acclaimed album, "Generation Of Kings," dancehall star Masicka continues to captivate audiences, earning international recognition with an article in the esteemed magazine Rolling Stone. Reflecting on his musical journey, Masicka shares insights into his influences and sources of inspiration.

"I was working off more experiences, wanting to venture into different songs and trying to be different while keep my identity. we see Bob and Sahbba, so it has been done before," he shared regarding his approach to blending different genres in his latest album.

Masicka, with over 15 years in the industry, reflected on his diverse musical influences, noting that his playlist extends beyond dancehall and reggae, encompassing various styles that have enriched him as an artist. "When 50 Cent came out, that's when I knew I'm going to be an artist", the Jamaican deejay revealed. "it was the whole movement and turned up the whole vibe. 50 Cent reminded me of a dancehall artist. he's proud of what he's doing and not ashamed to be himself."

As he gears up for a tour in England this June and another in the USA over the summer, Masicka emphasizes his refusal to confine himself to a single style. "I think you should not box in yourself to do one thing. if you love cars, you're not only going to have Toyota. you would love to drive a Ferrari or Porsche," he asserts.


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