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  • Akeeile Harris

Wxrship Curtis Collaborates with Skelly Dan and Steco for New Single 'You Alone'

The rising artist teams up with emerging producers and shares insights on the evolving landscape of the music industry: "The first of many projects with Steco"

Rising artiste Wxrship Curtis

Rising artiste Wxrship Curtis joins forces with emerging producers Skelly Dan and Steco of Crown Heights Entertainment (who also play a role in managing the current dancehall frontrunner, Valiant) for a new single titled "You Alone," scheduled for release on Friday, October 27.

The dynamic duo of Steco Don and Wxrship first crossed paths in a workplace three years ago, where their shared passion for music forged a strong connection. Skelly Dan affectionately mentioned, "I consider Steco a friend first; we just happen to make good music together." This same work environment also introduced them to the rising talent Valiant, whom Steco began collaborating closely with while Wxrship Curtis took some time away from the island.

"‘You alone’ is in fact not our first but one of many projects Steco and I are set to release together", shared the rising producer.

In this age where social media and entertainment are inseparable, content saturation is the norm and attention spans are shrinking, many producers have adopted a strategic approach. "All content seems saturated and attention spans have gotten shorter, I notice most producers use viral clips as intros to tackle that and dropping videos with singles same time as a roll-out format to grab all eyes/ears," Skelly Dan explained. "With songs being at the mercy of the masses in terms of breaking through; It becomes either easier or harder based on certain core principles. Once you’re able to stand out and be relatable simultaneously in any, if not all categories; you should have a fair chance of breaking a song," he further noted.

The up-and-coming producer from Seaview Gardens has faced significant challenges following the tragic loss of his younger brothers, Davian and Davari. In response, he turned to music as a means of healing and personal growth. He shared, "We plan to clear the arsenal of hits Wxrship Curtis have written for himself and for others that haven’t fallen through."

He went on to reveal that they have been diligently working on a collection of timeless songs that will make a lasting impact on the culture. "We have been working on a lot of timeless songs that will stamp themselves into the culture, it is just really dependent on production and marketing efforts going forward. A lot of stuff you don’t see the current average Jamaican artists doing, to say the least", he promised.

Hailing from the music-rich community of Seaview Gardens in Kingston, the singer-songwriter, officially known as Curtis Lozane, adopts the moniker 'Wxrship' to emphasize his unique approach to songwriting. His creative process draws from a source of inspiration that can be described as either extraterrestrial or spiritual, reflecting the depth of his lyrical resonance.


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