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Watch: Masicka Discusses His New Album and Debut Project with Def Jam

Dancehall star Masicka started the day as a featured guest on Good Day NY, the morning show on Fox 5 in New York

Masicka, Discussing on his recent success (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)

Celebrating his 32nd birthday today, dancehall sensation Masicka kicked off the day as a featured guest on Good Day NY, the morning show on Fox 5 in New York. During the interview, he delved into discussions about his latest album 'Generation Of Kings', expressing his admiration for the collaborators who contributed to the project.

Reflecting on the significance of this album, Masicka shared, "It's my first album with a major label. I wouldn't say nervous but it's a new path scratching a new surface. Def Jam is a renowned label and they love the talent and everything just a go."

When questioned about the thematic depth of his music, he elaborated, "My Music I like it to be more realistic. I sing about how I grew up, the conditions in Jamaica, condition around the world. so, through the daily struggles can just get an idea of how to survive. keep staying strong."

Discussing the challenges in the album-making process, Masicka highlighted, "I think choosing the tracks, getting everything to a merge so it become one body of work."

Praising his fellow collaborators on the album, he acknowledged, "We have Popccan, Chronic Law, Up and Coming Talent, and Bad Artist inna Jamaica. We have a house of talented artists on the album".


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