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Valiant, Pablo YG released impressive projects, Jahshii with another melodic delivery

Valiant & Pablo YG deliver captivating singles, Skeng returns with another banger, while Jahshii continues to focus on deep melodies

Valiant & Bayka, including the list this week (GD Films)

It was another week full of releases and choosing which of the singles stood out was not easy, but here are our picks.

Skeng – 'Nah Go In'

Failure is not an option for Skeng. The ‘Ratty Gang’ artiste fires another summer banger with hard-hitting lyrics, flow and style. His usual traits propelled him to stardom.

Valiant – 'Jaguar'

Valiant is currently on an immersive sold-out tour in London, but still finds the time to shoot a music video for another potential hit single. The rising dancehall star knows how to combine his infectious melodies, to match well with the visuals, before releasing his highly anticipated mixtape, '4:14'.

Jahshii – 'False Alarm'

Deep melodies play a significant role in Jahshii's career. The artiste was once again the topic of discussion for the wrong reasons, merely escaping a shooting incident where he and his entourage were attacked, leaving 6 shot & injured after leaving his birthday celebration. In the single, Jahshii declares that his enemies; “can't kill mi so easy”. The music video features his mother’s viral rant about her son's safety, immediately entering the trending charts in YouTube Jamaica.

Christopher Martin Ft. Bounty Killer & Busy Signal – 'It's Guaranteed Remix'

Reggae singer Christopher Martin teams up with two dancehall heavyweights - Bounty Killer and Busy Signal for a remix of his September 2022 hit single, 'Guaranteed'. Similar to the original song which is full of good energy and party vibes, they surely maintained the same concept with the remix.

Bayka – 'Siddung'

Bayka has the potential to become a significant dancehall artiste in the future. With his powerful vocals, formidable lyrical prowess and his unique style, he knows how to use these characteristics to deliver for his fans. This single is another evidence of his great talent, as he once again delivers a potential hit for the ladies. Add this piece to your playlists.

Valiant – 'XLV'

This single again showcases Valiant’s ability to blend hard-hitting, incisive lyrics connecting the right energy, all while firing a warning to his enemies. This song was released 3 months ago but went under the radar and now has been re-highlighted via Valiant's fresh '4:14' mixtape.

Pablo YG Ft. Moyann – 'Link Up'

Rising talent, Pablo YG joins forces with dancehall diva Moyann on his debut mixtape 'Bad Juvi', which features several other artistes. Pablo displays a convincing lyrical prowess of wordplay while the Mobay female singer spiced up the single in her usual sexy way of deliverance.

Malie Donn – 'Zero To 100'

Driven by the recent success of his hit single, ‘V6’, Malie Donn performs a precise melodic single, ‘Zero To 100’, and on this track, the young talent's flow is slightly different from his typical one, showcasing his versatility. The artiste is surely on course to take the next step in his career.

Iwaata – 'Doubt'

Dancehall artiste, Iwaata surprised us on this new single where his familiar flow combines well with impressive lyrical ability and infectious melodies. The Papine native Deejay showcases that he can also deliver music of a conscious nature.

A slew of collections were released this week with Valiant delivering an impressive 21-track mixtape including; 'Hot Cup A Tea' by ZJ Chrome and 'Crypto' by the Mxssiah. Pablo YG teams up with several artistes as mentioned above including; Skillibeng & Bayka for 'Galore' and 'Start War' respectively. I-Octane's 'Don't Play Wid Di Money' from the 'Dancehall Gift' Album is also a noteworthy mention.


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