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Jahshii returns with the powerful single 'Brave Heart'

After publicized allegations; the dancehall artiste doesn't show any signs of slowing down and delivers another melodic song

Jahshii, come back with a powerful song (Tejano Taylor)

Dancehall artiste, Jahshii has again made all the headlines for the wrong reasons recently after he got into another publicized situation. Law enforcement agents requested the artiste turn himself in for questing following an alleged altercation with his mother and another member of his home community, Grants Pen, which led to the person’s death.

The rising dancehall artiste, however, has been showing no signs of slowing down after the published news and he delivers a new melodic single titled, ‘Brave Heart' with a powerful message.

The Grants-Pen Native is known for his melodic ability which comes is matched with lyrical prowess that has been proven many times and also evident in this track produced by Reign Records. He combines the melodies and lyrics about faith, and him having a brave heart.

Despite his public woes, Jahshii made appearances on several stages this week; including the Bonfire Festival held at Hope Gardens and a short and energetic set at Valiant's '4:14' mixtape launch held at the Meca Club in Kingston, which excited both sets of revelers.

Mluleki Tafari Clarke more popularly known as Jahshii, has been in the industry for several years now, receiving his major breakout into the dancehall space in 2021 with his hit single 'Cream Of the Crop' followed by 'Keep Up', '258' & 'Born Fighter'. Earlier this year he also dropped the massive collaboration ‘Pieces’ featuring dancehall superstar, Masicka.

Jahshii has amassed over 100 million views on his Youtube channel with currently over 372K subscribers.


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