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Valiant, Alkaline & Shane O: the weekly song package

Valiant shows versatility, Alkaline and Chronic Law both in a militant mode, while Demarco and Shane O deliver melodies. Who else is featured this week?

Shane O, Valiant, Alkaline, Chronic Law (Jamar Cleary, Kyro Smoke)

While Jamaica was busy with the highly anticipated performances by Chris Brown and his friends as a part of the BZR weeknd, new music still found its way to the digital stores. Here are some of the singles you should know about.

Valiant – ‘Sweepstakes’ Valiant's versatility and creativity is once again credited with a new single that is already on the trending charts. With this slow and sensual beat, the video stars the famous Jamaican dancer, Rebel along with all of Valiant's crew. This single shows maturity and depicts the high standards that the artiste has set for himself.

Alkaline – ‘Boss’ Alkaline wraps one of his standout singles from recent times with an official music video shot in Jamaica. With militant lyrics, power and a distinct message, the deejay delivers once again for his fans.

Chronic Law – ‘Heartless Killer’ Chronic Law is a gifted storyteller and a talented songwriter. When it comes to his playground - 'Darkness', he once again delivers a precise piece with militant melodies and captivating lyrics. Fada Dark’s catalog contains music for every mood.

Shane O – ‘Topic’ This man should get the recognition he deserves because his songs are evidence of his writing skills, which are one of the best in the game. In this single, he also demonstrates sound games merged with the music video; also a good addition for a tangible feeling.

Demarco – ‘So Much Hate’ Demarco and his melodies are a success story. The accomplished dancehall artiste just needs the right beat to showcase his amazing lyrical prowess with another precise melody that touches the heart.

Stalk Ashley – ‘Top Body’ One of Jamaica's hottest dancehall female artistes, Stalk Ashley came with a music video for her 'Top Body' single. the visuals precisely wrapped her uncanny talent to deliver lyrics with her pure R&B style sound which merges with this dancehall/Afro influences beat.

Rytikal – ‘Main Danger’ Rytikal returns to the scene with a message to all the doubters, as he re-embraces the dark side as a main danger and as he once again teams up with Dynastry it’s immediately a potential hit. He may be underrated, but he is definitely a huge talent.

Ikaya – ‘Blood On Your Hands’ Recording artiste, Ikaya is like a vocal dictionary. The Water House native singer has a unique, strong and powerful voice and uses it to deliver a message in her music on a new single on the new 'Redemption Riddim'. With the visuals actually like a movie, you can definitely get excited.

Prohgres – ‘Days Like These Prohgres' music has always been a reflection of his life's path, and the single is no exception, while he takes listeners on a journey of resilience, hope, and self-belief. "Days Like These" is the idea that even in the face of negativity and obstacles, dreams can flourish.

Cashan, Pablo YG – ‘Check My List’ The rising dancehall artiste, Cashan is paving her way in the dancehall and gathers dancehall newcomer Pablo YG for a new collaboration in which they exchange verses and share a love affair.


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