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  • Akeeile Harris

Govana Set To Join 'Dutty Money Riddim' with 'Needle Island'

Govi becomes part of Rvssian's popular project with an unreleased single, while Kraff and Brysco are relishing in its viral success

Govana, join the wave (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

It seems that Dancehall artist Govana is set to join the viral 'Dutty Money Riddim' with his latest single, titled 'Needle Island.' Although the official release is yet to happen, the track has already made its way onto the internet through leaks.

Govana's new song highlights his lyrical prowess as he effortlessly rides the infectious beat, delivering a seductive message to the ladies. Govana joins Rvssian's latest project, which currently dominates with three of the top spots and four out of the top five. The recently released 'Nursery Rhymes' by rising dancehall artist Kraff has also gained viral attention.

In the meantime, Brysco has made a comeback, seizing the spotlight with his viral single 'Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz,' prominently featured on the 'Dutty Money Riddim.' With over 863K views on YouTube to date, his resurgence comes after a brief hiatus in his career. Brysco returns with a compelling track for the ladies, quickly becoming a party anthem and garnering widespread popularity.

This resurgence has not only garnered him recognition on the island's stages but also signifies a triumphant return to the music scene. After fading from the spotlight subsequent to his breakout with 'Code,' Brysco successfully rides the wave once again.


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