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The Young Dennis Hall Brings his passion into the dancehall industry

Working alongside Skeng and having the urge to make ends meet for his family, the young talented videographer, Dennis Hall, is writing his success story

Kyng production, aiming for greatness

With dreams to take his family to higher heights in his own lane, we are introduced to Dennis Hall of Kyng production, a rising power Photographer/Videographer in the media industry.

Known for his clear and precise images and as a personal videographer of the dancehall star Skeng, Hall declared himself destined for greatness.

In discussions with Kaboom Magazine, Hall expounded on his upbringing giving us deep insight into his introduction in the media industry. "Due to family issues I was unable to finish high school", he expressed. "I left so that I could help my family", he further added.

Dennis Hall, "Never limit yourself" (Kyng Production)

Appreciating the value of hard work, the 17-year-old went on to discuss the progress of his craft. "The music industry experience is great; however, in the beginning, it took a while to master my craft and get recognition in the industry. I then started making beats and with practice, I became better", he discussed.

Achieving recognition status, Hall received acknowledgment from the likes of dancehall artiste, Skeng. Working for him as his personal photographer, Hall gave insight on the experience and how he has enjoyed the artist’s free-spirited lifestyle. "My experience working with him is very overwhelming", he expressed. "Being around him, seeing his lifestyle, and capturing all he does is a very exciting experience.”, he said.

In the industry, it is inevitable that doors continue to open daily with a catalog of opportunities. Since working alongside Skeng, Hall has become a true testament of opportunities and experience. The 17-year-old has also worked alongside popular artists such as Skillibeng, Rytikal, and Intence. Crediting his exposure to Skeng, Hall expressed, "I have to acknowledge him, he has definitely paved the way for me to have more recognition, experience and exposure", he added.

Skeng, "being around him, seeing his lifestyle, and capturing all he does is a very exciting experience" (Kyng Production)

The cinematic touch: a glimpse into artistes world

With the narrative being conceived that having a camera equates to being a photographer, Hall divulged to us his view of the profitable skill. "It's definitely learned. Everyone can take pictures but not everyone understands the technical and professional aspect. There are many technicalities that are key to know, it’s not about a pretty picture going into a magazine", The talented creative continued.

Declaring his editing style '"cinematic", Dennis expounded on the importance of creating your own path. "You can’t do what everyone is doing, finding your lane and what you're good at is the most important part of being successful in the media industry", he expressed.

In explaining the improvement of his craft within the industry, Hall expounded further on his progress since finding his starting point. "I started off using a phone to video food and do comedy skits, I then began watching tutorials on youtube and going on set with other videographers," he described. "It helped me watch and improve my skill firsthand", he added.

To add to his hat of many talents, Hall is also the owner of a vlog channel in which he dives into his life and lives of other musical artistes. With the power of social media and its creative aspects, Hall believes that vlogging may be the new wave for artists in Jamaica. "Honestly, it’s my goal for the music industry. Bringing the inner life of artistes to the forefront, so that artists may build deeper connections with their fans by being themselves", he explained.

With hopes to introduce the concept of vlogging to Jamaica’s music industry, Hall explained that he wants the concept to be his unique lane. Having high anticipation from his audience, we have many upcoming projects to look forward to from the jack of all trades. With upcoming vlogs featuring young upcoming artistes such as Marksman and Ai Milly, it is without a doubt that the crowd’s anticipation will be appeased.

Hall went on to implore his audience to never limit themselves or give up on their dreams. "Never limit yourself, don't look down on yourself because financially you may have less. We all start from somewhere, myself with a phone and some food. There are many technical things in photography that can be done on a phone. A phone can do just as much as a computer", the young talent concluded.


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